Musher's Secret Paw Protection

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Musher's Secret Paw Protection
    * Just spread a thin coating on the pads and between the toes for protection from freezing pavement, salt and chemicals and to prevent snowballing.
    * All-season paw protection for your dog Made from 100% natural waxes
    * Protect your dog from: Salt and Chemicals Ice build-up Snowballing
    * Helps heal cracked paws and abrasions caused by cactus, rocks, broken glass, dryness, and more.
    * Works for horses too!

Frogworks Healing Balm 25ml

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This product's moisturizing and healing properties can help with sores, cuts, finger cracks, horse's hock sores, sores on dogs' pads, dry itchy rashes and rough skin. Another great product for you and your animals!?

Four Paws Paw Guard 1.75oz

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Four Paws Paw Guard with lanolin helps protect and restores moisture to your dog's pads that can become dry and cracked from ice, snow, salt, hot pavement, gravel, and other hard surfaces. Good to use all year round as needed.

In Clover Feline Sleek Treats 2.1oz

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In Clover's Sleek Skin & Coat radiance is an outward reflection of good internal health. Sleek gets to the root issues of optimal skin health. The Biotin, DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Coconut and Prebiotics in Sleek work from the inside out for optimal skin and coat health. Use daily for visible results. Grain Free, No Sugar, Free of Wheat, Corn and Soy. Directions: Feed two chews per day.

Zymox Topical Cream 1oz

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Zymox Topical cream provides a powerful natural enzyme formula to aid in the treatment of skin infections. Directions: Gently clean affected area. Apply twice daily for one to two weeks or as directed by a veterinarian. May be lightly covered with a sterile bandage Recommended for use on ringworm, acute moist pyoderma, atopic dermatitis, fold pyoderma, hot spots, anal sac abscesses and other topical infections. Ingredients: Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Glycerin, Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Isopropyl Myristate, Titanium Dioxide, Benzyl Alcohol, Hydrocortisone, Zinc Gluconate, Beta-d-Glucose, Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme, Potassium Iodide, Glucose Oxidase, Aloe Vera.

Zymox Topical Spray 2oz

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Zymox Spray w/ .5% hydrocortisone - 2 oz. bottle
Topical Spray w/.5% Hydrocortisone 2oz Bottle. Enzymatic, broad spectrum treatment for skin infections and wounds. Perfect hot spot treatment. Effective against bacteria and yeast infections. No need to clean or touch the infected area. pH balanced and non-irritating. No antibiotics or harsh chemicals.

Zymox Shampoo 12oz

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Zymox Shampoo w/ vitamin D3 - 12 oz. bottle
Enzymatic Shampoo w/vitamin D3 12oz Bottle. Active bio-enzyme formulation. Vitamin D3 improves micro-circulation. Ideal treatment for itchy, allergy skin. No antibiotics or harsh chemicals.

Zymox Rinse w/Vitamin D 12oz

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Zymox Shampoo and Rinse. Your
best defense in the war on
recurring skin infections. Three
Point Enzyme System helps
destroy bacteria and fungi which
cause skin infections. Pure and
gentle enough for puppies and
kittens. The first line of
defense against infectious
microbes is the skin. Zymox
Shampoo provides an effective
way to protect this natural
barrier without being irritating
or drying. Only the mildest
plant surfactants are used.
Zymox Rinse produces a powerful
protective barrier against minor
skin irritations due to
bacterial and fungal microbes.
Zymox Shampoo and Rinse contain
no harsh detergents, pesticides,
colorings or residual petroleum

Jake's Canine Remedy 4oz

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Helps heal hot spots, dry skin, bald spots, fungus, ring worm, and promotes hair growth. Pure, organic, ecologically grown. From Frogworks.

Frogworks Healing Gel 50ml

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This product aids and speeds the healing process for both superficial and deep, tough-to-heal wounds. It prevents or significantly reduces scarring and is also effective on sunburn and rashes. Healing Gel works as a wound salve, and was initially created to heal a deep finger cut that reached the bone, requiring eight stitches. When the stitches were removed, the finger looked deformed, and there remained a significant gap where the skin had not resealed. This gel was applied for one week, soon resulting in fully healed skin and no visible scar. This healing agent had equal success with a bone-deep puncture wound on a horse ?s inner leg. Within 10 days of application, the injury healed, leaving no scar behind.

Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care 4oz

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Vetericyn Plus Wound and Skin Care is intended for the OTC management of skin abrasions, lacerations, minor irritations, cuts and intact skin. Safe for use on all animal species. Safe & Non-Toxic, no alcohol, no steriods or no antibiotics. Non-irritating & non-sensitizing. Safe if licked or ingested. Works on all animal skin types. Veterinarian recommended. minor burns, abrasions, sores & skin irritations

Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care 8oz

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Contains twice the potency of the Regular OTC formulation WITH REVOLUTIONARY MICROCYN TECHNOLOGY. One-step topical solution/spray that cleans wounds, treats infection and kills pathogens including antibiotic-resistant MRSA.Use to treat hot spots, bites, cuts, outer ear infections, yeast infections and rashes. Within seconds of application, blood flow increases and wound-healing nutrients are delivered to the site. Harmful pathogens are eradicated and accelerated healing begins. For use in both companion pets and horses. Does not test and is safe if ingested or licked.