Training Aides

Ethical Pet Silent Dog Whistle

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Silent and super sonic.
You whistle and only your dog hears it.

Starmark Dog Training Clicker

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The StarMark Clicker Training System is based on the scientific principals of Classical Conditioning (where Pavlov's dogs salivated at the sound of a bell because they had learned to associate that sound with food) and Operant Conditioning (where Skinner's pigeons performed a series of movements in order to receive food). StarMark Clicker Conditioning utilizes these two proven and well-respected methods of behavior modification to quickly and easily enhance your dog's training experience. The StarMark Clicker Training System helps you teach your dog to repeat behaviors that lead to rewards.

Snappy Trainer 3pk

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The Snappy Trainer is the most effective, inexpensive training device for dogs, cats and even house rabbits. Often used in multiples, the Snappy Trainer allows you to correct a large variety of unwanted behaviors such as getting  into the trash, jumping on furniture, stealing food from counters and chewing on shoes. The Snappy Trainer is the perfect training aid as it humanely corrects the pet at the exact moment when a correction will do the most good, even in absence of the owner.