Litter, Scoops & Pans

Pet Mate Litter Scoop

87800 Available: 18
The ideal litter sifter that will make the task hassle-free and simple. Jumbo litter sifter, is a great size to take care of any litter needs. Made of durable plastic, for easy cleaning. Designed with a higher backed design for increased capacity. Also has rounded corners to get into hard to reach areas. Made with micro ban, which helps to fight the growth of stain, and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Earth Rated Poop Bags 300ct

100437 Available: 23
These 300 Earth Rated(R) value-pack bags are conveniently packaged on a single roll in a box made from recycled content that dispenses one bag at a time. Unscented, leak-proof and extra strong, they can hold any size poop and fit perfectly in your pantry.

Nite Ize Pack A Poo Dispenser and Refill

104416 Available: 9
This poo bag dispenser features a unique revolving core allowing the user to quickly roll up excess bags they have pulled out. Paired with a #2 S-Biner, it attaches easily to any leash or pack, and comes loaded with a roll of 15 biodegradable and compostable bags.

Flexrake Scoop and Rake Set

115217 Available: 1
Small pet scoop and steel rake set. Molded non slip vinyl grips. Wood handles. Lightweight design.

Fresh Step Multi Cat Litter 20 lb

115219 Available: 2
Multi-cat formula with extra strength to keep litter box odors under control. Activated carbon and plant extracts eliminates odors. High quality clay absorbs and traps liquid. Paw-activated fragrance technology releases scent as needed.

Fresh Step Odor Shield Litter 20 lb

115220 Available: 2
Contains odor eliminating carbon. Continuously neutralizes odors and helps keep your house fresh. Granules work like a sponge to absorb odors. High quality clumping clay for tight clump strength. Clean and safe for use by your cat.

Nature's Miracle Clumping Corn Cob 18 Lb

118595 Available: 2
Nature's Miracle Premium Clumping Corn Cob Litter is 99.9% dust free. Safe for pets and home, when used as directed, this powerful, fast-clumping formula creates a litter your and your cat will both love. Made with natural corn cob, the bio-enzymatic formula works to destroy tough litter box odors as well.

Sipmle Solution Spot Spotter HD UV Urine Detector

118598 Available: 1
Simple Solution Spot Spotter HD UV Urine Detector. Battery-operated ultraviolet urine detector. Reveals hidden urine by illuminating stains that are undetectable to the human eye. Identifies the source of the odor so that it can be properly treated and removed. Batteries are included.

Esschert No Peeing Sign Iron Brown

125767 Available: 8
Make with this sign clear to dog owners that your garden is not a dogs toilet. This sign on stick is easy to place into the ground or lawn.

Esschert Keep Off Grass Sign

125768 Available: 6
Place this unique cast iron sign in your front yd where you want it to be known that you do not want anyone on your nice grass. Be polite, yet firm crisp lettering durable cast iron.

Esschert No Fouling Sign Aluminum

125770 Available: 12
Make the Dog owners with this sign clear that your garden isn't a Dog toilet. Thanks to the vertical holes it can be attached to both a wall and to a pole.

Scoop Away Multi Cat Litter 14lb

8062796 Available: 4
Scoop Away, 14 LB, Multi-Cat Cat Litter, With Maximum Ammonia Shield, Improved Odor Control.