Light Sets & Bulbs

LED C6 70 Light String White

101729 Available: 43
Perfect for residental use- Standard plug, needs no special connectors- String up to 43 sets- 70 Count, 4 inch spacing, 23-33 ft- Color: Pure White

Eagles Nest Outfitters Twilights Camp Lights Clear

8539595 Available: 14
Twilight Camp Lights Stars on a cloudy night; a backcountry disco; Christmas in your hammock; Twilights are not one, but twenty-three lights to show you the way. This string of ultra-bright LED lights is powered by three AAA batteres and keeps the party going long after the fire has gone out.

Brite Star LED Dripping Icicle 48 Count

9262643 Available: 17
Micro mini LEDs (light emitting diodes) in pure white with ice dripping effect. Indoor and outdoor use. 48 cool white lights connect up to 30 in. end to end icicle light show for a total lighted length of 11 ft.

Brite Star Snowing Icicles Show 5 Count

9264276 Available: 8
Simulate the winter beauty of falling snow with this 5 count LED snowing icicle light set. You can choose from 6 functions with a press of a button. The total length is 5.5'. The 6 functions include: fast, medium, and slow ice drip, chasing random, twinkle, and steady burn. Connects up to 30 sets. Indoor and outdoor use.

Noma Inliten 100 Light Led Warm White Staylit Set

9296419 Available: 110
Sylvania, 100 light, warm white, staylit led light set, traditional glass look bulbs, 12 inches lead, 4 inches spacing, 3 inches end, 33 feet lighted length, 34.25 feet total length.

Night Stars LED Snowfall and Laser Light

9469354 Available: 20
High powered red and green laser light with a LED cool white light with Snowfall effect. Built-in daily timer. Indoor and Outdoor. 25 foot cord. Plug-in.

Replacement Light Bulb Multi Color 2.5V

9800251 Available: 154
Holiday Wonderland 2.5V Multi-Colored Mini Replacement Bulbs For 50 100 & 150 Count Light Sets.  2.5 volts.

Replacement Light Bulb /Clear 3.5V

9835836 Available: 85
5-pack Clear 3.5-4 volt X/B Replacement Bulbs 35, 70 or 140 Light Sets.

Replacement Multi Light 5PK

9835844 Available: 38
5-pack Multi-Colored 3.5-4 volt X/B Replacement Bulbs 35, 70 or 140 Light Sets.

Christmas Light Tester & Repair Kit

9884750 Available: 22
Light Keeper Pro For Fixing Incandescent Light Sets
{also available Led Light Keeper)
Fixes most light sets in seconds using the Quick Fix Trigger
Most miniature Holiday Light set failures occur when an individual bulb "shunt" fails to energize. These shunts are energized when a filament burns out. This causes a section of lights, usually 35 or 50, to go out instead of just one light bulb.    Also available Led Light Keeper)

   All-in-One Multi Function Light Tester; Features make it easier to fix mini lights sets
    Features include Quick Fix Trigger, LED Head Light, Audible Continuity Detector, 3-way bulb puller, bulb and fuse tester, a storage compartment and 3 1.5-Volt batteries are included
    Simply plug. Click. Fix; Fixes most light sets in seconds by addressing the damaged bulb at the plug or at the bulb socket
    Defective bulb shunts cause most light set failures
    The Light keeper Pro is intended for the repair of Holiday Miniature Light based sets only; Check Light Manufacturer's instructions before use

Sival G50 Replacement Bulb

30050050 Available: 162
G50 replacement bulb is 2 inches in diameter, with 7 watts and 130 volts. These bulbs have an E12 Candelabra base that fit into a C7 socket. Each globe replacement bulb and lasts for approximately 3000 hours.

Sival G40 Replacement Bulb

30050051 Available: 574
G40 bulbs create a fun, unique look when decorating for outdoor garden parties or spectacular wedding receptions. Perfect for weddings, tents, patios, outdoor markets and awnings. Our replacement globe bulbs are round, 5 watt, 120 volts that screw into a C7 socket. Each globe replacement bulb is rated for approximately 3000 hours.