Festool Kapex Mobile Base UG KS120

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UG-Kapex Wheeled stand. Convenient, collapsable design for transport of Festool Kapex miter saw
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Festool Track Saw TS55 REQ F Plus

M6012220 Available: 3
The TS REQ is not your standard circular saw. With its accuracy and versatility, a better comparison would be to the most advanced table saws, miter saws or panel saws available. Add in its incredible portability and unbelievable ease of use, and you have a precision-cutting solution like no other, at home in the highest-end cabinet shop as well as an onsite remodel. With the addition of micro-adjustable depth controls and a flat housing for flush-cutting against walls or adjacent surfaces, the TS 55 REQ is our most advanced plunge cut saw ever, which is saying a lot. When used with Festool guide rails, you can achieve perfectly straight and splinter-free cuts. Spring-loaded riving knife (splitter) keeps the cut kerf open so that the material does not pinch the blade. This reduces the chance of kickback. Blade changes are easier and safer using the FastFix system which locks switch and arbor simultaneously for easy arbor bolt removal.
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Festool ETS EC150/3 EQ-Plus Sander USA

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The ETS EC 150/3 provides a high quality, swirl-free sanding finish with a random orbital 3mm stroke. The brushless motor provides a very long service life and enables the sander to be very low-profile, quiet and lightweight for improved ergonomics. Well suited for production shops, the ETS EC 150 sander's brushless motor means that you have less power consumption and reduced heat, which results in less vent ducts for cooling and fewer points for infiltration of dust and debris. Variable speed allows you to control the speed of the sander and rate of material removal. With a custom milled counter balance, this sander has virtually no vibration which reduces fatigue and prevents tingly hands after extended periods of sanding.
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Festool OF 1010 EQ Plunge Imperial Router

M6011795 Available: 3
The ergonomics and precision features of the OF 1010 EQ deliver a host of benefits which add up to an unbeatable tool. One-handed operation allows you to switch it on and off, plunge, cut and release with ease. The compact design and the efficient center of gravity make this tool extremely maneuverable. Its micro-adjustable depth control is accurate to 1/256" (1/10 mm). The OF 1010 EQ is also the lightest router of its kind, a real plus on extended projects. This, on top of enough power for all 1/4" and 8mm bits. This is the new imperial version of this tool. It is identical to the previous version with the exception of the units on the depth scale. Ergonomic handle with full-grip is designed for increased control and reduced fatigue with power switch and speed control at the fingertips. The OF 1010 EQ Router provides a smooth 2-1/8" plunge action which enables you to maintain complete control with a quick and secure plunge lock. MMC electronic controls provide constant speed under load for improved cut quality, step-less variable speed, and overload and thermal protection. Micro-adjustable depth control to 1/256" (1/10 mm) which allows you to dial in your routing with tremendous precision.
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Festool ETS EC125/3 RO Sander 5 in.

M6011680 Available: 2
Equipped with the EC-TEC Brushless Motor, these low-profile, long-life, and low-vibration sanders can run all day with multiple shifts. Offering a fine 3 mm stroke, this sander provides the performance of an air sander without the expense and bulk of an air system. This sander is equipped with innovative features, which include Jetstream dust extraction, extraction connection signal, electronic active vibration stop, carbide-tipped sanding brakes and much more 0 making them the ultimate high-demand sanding tools. Ergonomic and comfortable: Compact design and ergonomic grip for greater flexibility in all sanding tasks with less user fatigue. Effective and long-lasting: Power through the toughest demands with EC TEC brushless motors delivering a constant powerful stream of performance. Efficient and productive: Designed with dust extraction efficiency in mind the new ETS EC sanders integrate seamlessly into the Festool sanding solutions system.
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Festool Linear Sander LS 130

M6011541 Available: 2
LS 130 EQ Linear Detail Sander. Multiple profile pads available to match a variety of surfaces with a FastFix tool-free pad change system so adapting to a profile is a snap.
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Festool Work Center WCR 1000

M6011332 Available: 1
WCR 1000 Workcenter Organizer. Attaches to Festool CT Dust Extractor Sys-Dock, no tools required
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Boom Arm Bundle Set

M6011578 Available: 2
CT Boom Arm Bundle Set. Keep your cord and hose up and out of your way for more efficient work during sanding, sawing, routing or planing.
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Hole Drilling Set In Systainer

M6011569 Available: 3
LR 32 Hole Drilling Set In Systainer. Precisely and efficiently build cabinets using the European frameless 32 mm system
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Modular Trim Router Set MFK 700 EQ

M6011558 Available: 2
MFK 700 Modular Trim Router Set. Powerful 720 watt (6.0 amp) motor can easily tackle most trimming, profiling and routing applications with variable speed and detachable cord.
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Dual Mode Sander 3.5 RO 90 DX

M6011551 Available: 3
Rotex RO 90 DX Multi-Mode Sander. Switch from sanding with a round pad to a delta-shaped pad in seconds, no tools required
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Dual Mode Sander 5" RO 125 TL

M6011548 Available: 3
Rotex RO 125 FEQ Multi-Mode Sander. Dual-Mode Sanding with a gear-driven, aggressive mode for rapid stock removal or polishing and random orbital mode for fine sanding.
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Orbital Sander 1/2 Sheet

M6011540 Available: 2
RS 2 E Orbital Finish Sander. Large rectangular 4-1/2 x 9 inch pad, the RS 2 handles large surfaces quickly and evenly.
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