Kids Snow Shovel 9" Assorted

7200561 Available: 3
Square point kid shovels come in assorted colors. May be used as a car, snow or sand shovel.
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Mintcraft Backsaver Snow Shovel

M1025356 Available: 1
Mintcraft Poly Backsaver Snowshovel 18" with Metal wear strip. Steel ergonomic handle with sleeve minimizes bending and stooping.  Great for lifting and throwing snow
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Ames Kids Poly Snow Shovel

M7320670 Available: 5
A snow shovel sized just for little helpers
Lightweight but as durable as an adult's snow tool
9" x 11" poly blade
21" PVC handle with D-grip sized for small hands
Total length 36"
COLOR: Yellow
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Garant Poly Snow Shovel 42.25"

7200546 Available: 29
Provides maximum comfort and versatility for those tough snow removal jobs. 42.25'' stained ash handle.
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AMES Aluminum Ergo Snow Lifter 18"

75309 Available: Out of stock
18" aluminum blade has wear strip that is -,great for chipping away at packed snow,Ergonomic steel core handle provides 15% -,more lifting leverage,Aluminum blade is lightweight & rust-proof,SIZE 18",COLOR Blue
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Snow Lifter w/Erconomic Handle 18"

7200439 Available: 11
Extra wide D-grip for maximum comfort with gloved hands. Artic Blast durable steel core ergonomic d-handle for strength and durability. Poly blade with steel wear strip. Quick-connect system for secure handle attachment.
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Ames Ergo Poly Sleigh Shovel 24"

7200603 Available: Out of stock
Removes snow faster and easier than regular shovels. The large blade scoops and moves bigger loads. Ergo design handle allows less scooping and easier movement. Extra wide poly scoop has reinforced wear strip.
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Poly Pro Tuffy Scoop Shovel Asst

7209307 Available: 5
Use as a snow scoop, a grain scoop, and a mulch shovel. For landscaping, decks and patios, and truck beds. Non-stick surface, rust-proof and non-damaging, making it safe to use on any surface, from truck bed liners to driveways and sidewalks. Comes in green, red and tan. Made in U.S.A.
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Nordic Snow Pusher 26"

7202302 Available: 15
The Garant NPP26KD Nordic snow pusher works in all types of snow. This snow shovel has a 26-inch ribbed poly scoop with a stained ash handle. Ergonomic and lightweight, the Garant snow pusher makes the work easier so you last longer. It was designed for intense, continuous use and comes with an arctic blast grip. This model also features a steel wear strip for extended blade life and improved knock-down system. The strong handle is moisture resistant.
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Ames Snow Pusher "U" Handle

M7320110 Available: 6
Dual snow pusher/shovel is built to last. High capacity blade with steel wear strip allows for easy removal of more snow in less time. Reversible, just turn it over and it's ideal for scraping tight areas such as steps and porches. Aluminum handle is lightweight and durable. 2 grips for optimal hand placement and ergonomic shoveling. Footstep provides necessary leverage for heavier loads. 43'' length handle. Ergonomist designed midgrips and end grip for optimal hand placement and back posture when lifting.
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Suncast Powerblade 20"x 13"

7466105 Available: 5
Indestructible Polycarbonate Blade
Unique tinted appearance
High-impact graphics on lightweight aluminum handle
No-Slip Grip
Nylon Wear Strip
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Ames Long Handle Poly Grain Scoop

74879 Available: 1
Ames True Temper 1680100 Street / Snow Shovel has a 12-inch ABS Poly Blade Scoop with 48-inch Wood Handle. Strong, wide poly power D grip for comfort. ABS poly blade construction for stiffness & durability. Suitable for scooping grain, seed, feed, fertilizers & other granulated materials
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Hopkins Subzero Traction Mat

M8170475 Available: 27
Provides extra traction when you are stuck. Works on snow, ice, mud or sand. If you have ever gotten stuck you know what a sinking feeling that is. These are a must have for winter driving,  Great to outfit employee vehicles or for anyone that gets stuck with no one to help push! Elimainates shoveling and pushing. Easy to use and easy to store. Unbreakable.
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