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Tri-Scribe Flat Lying Trammel Set
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Flat Lying Trammel Head Set  Tri Scribes

Need to draw a circle? or rather Need to draw an accurate circle?   One where the finishing point actually meets the starting point? M.POWER's Flat Lying Trammel Head Set will guarantee you exactly that. Simply clip the two Trammel Scribe heads onto any length of steel or Aluminium Rule from 6 inch to 6 feet in length. Choose the pencil or the hyper fine cutting blade and strike that arc.
   *  Hands Free Stability
    * Flat Lying positioning
    * Self supporting assembly
    * Quick setting Lock and release
    * Utilizes either a steel or Aluminium shop rule
    * Low centre of gravity
    * Virtually unlimited radii
    * Versatile - Acts deep range marking gauge
    * Versatile - Acts as a Mortise Gauge
    * Work to a Pencil line or a hyper fine cut-line

For precision marking where a pencil line just isn't fine enough, The FLTS includes a blade post and a bar of replaceable blades allowing you to strike a hyper fine line. Used when set up as a trammel compass and accurate circles can be cut out in veneer, light card and paper.
The versatility, accuracy, and ease of use of the Flat Lying Trammel Heads are truly marvelous. Clear out the clutter and drop a set in your tool box right now.
    *     2 x Quality die cast electro coated trammel heads
    *     1 x Carbon steel pivot point for durability
    *     1 x Pre-set angled steel blade Post
    *     6 x replacement blade segments
    *     1 x Allan key
    *     1 x H Pencil