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Woodpeckers 851I Precision Woodworking Square (Inch Scale)
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Designed for woodworking, they deliver the precision woodworkers demand and offer features not found on most other squares. Beyond the extreme accuracy, these squares offer weight, balance and ease of handling that woodworkers need. The 841 square is accurate to within.001 inch or less along the full length of the tool. A dream to use, these squares are stout, yet light weight and offer superb balance. The blade is 1/4'' thick and the handle is a full 3/4'' thick. The inside edge of the base features a shoulder to allow the blade to lay flat on the work piece so you can accurately mark either edge of the blade. Unlike many squares, there's no need to tilt the square to reference the base edge against the work. The extra-thick base makes it easy to stand upright to check your table saw blade, jointer fences and other machinery. There is a notch at the inside corner so you can 'zero out' your layout line all the way to the edge of your work. Easy to read reasurement scales are laser etched in 1/16" increments on both sides of the blade.