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Autosock Winter Traction Device
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Price: $99.99 / each

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-AutoSock is available in different sizes to fit most vehicles
-AutoSock should be fitted to the drive wheels.
-AutoSock can be used with and improves electronics safety systems such as ESP, ASC+T, ASR, ABS.
-AutoSock is four-wheel drive compatible when installed on the front
-AutoSock works with vehicles having low clearance between the tire and the body and/or between the tire and the suspension.

Installation: AutoSock is easy to install following these simple steps:

-Stop the vehicle and apply the emergency brake.
-Fit AutoSock to the drive wheels of the vehicle, starting at the top of the tire and working downwards.
-Stretch the elastic band over the top of the tire to the inside of the tire.
-Tighten the crossing strap.
-Move the vehicle approximately 3 feet and pull the remainder of the AutoSock into position.
-AutoSock automatically self-centers when you begin driving.
-Alternative to tire chains

Lifespan: As with all traction devices, proper care and driving habits determine the life of the product. Lifespan is decreased if used on dry surfaces.

Warranty: AutoSock is a wear and tear product and comes with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship.

Proven Satisfaction: More than 1 million AutoSocks have been sold in Europe and Asia, with a customer satisfaction rating of 90 percent. AutoSock is approved by Europe's foremost testing and certification organization, the German TUV.

Original Accessories: AutoSock is approved and distributed by leading automakers, including Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Fiat, PSA and others.