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Freud SD508 Super Dado Stack 8"
Item #:M6083379 | Quantity Available: 2
$199.99 Regular

For table or radial arm saws for cutting slots, grooves, dadoes and rabbets in soft or hardwood. Cuts dadoes in everything from veneered plywoods and laminates to solid wood, chip and splinter-free with a super-smooth dado bottom and the flexibility of an adjustable dado to handle undersized plywood. Anti-kickback design. Eliminated hub, added extra thick and stiff outside plate and gullet designed for max chip ejection to prevent chip buildup within stack. 3/32" thick chipper for adjusted cut widths in 1/32" increments, doubles the number of slot widths available, and fits plywood 1/32" undersized from nominal width with less shimming. Shim set included for fine adjustments.