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Ups-A-Daisy Planter Insert 13 Inch
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Discover how to have Healthier Plants, Bigger Blooms, Use Less Potting Soil, and Save Time and Money with Ups-A-Daisy Planter Inserts!

With these One-of-a-Kind Planter Inserts; your Potted Plants & Flowers are Guaranteed to have Healthier Roots, Produce Bigger & More Brilliant Blooms, and Grow Faster than ever before! Gardeners are always telling us how they love this Incredibly Simple & Inexpensive Solution to a variety of their container gardening problems.
The Ups-A-Daisy Planter Insert simply sets about halfway down into your container (for most plant varieties); raising the bottom of the container. This allows for proper drainage and essential oxygen to access plant roots. Most annual plants have a short root base requiring only 6"-8" of soil to thrive. If you give the roots too much room to roam, your plants may get long & leggy. But with less soil, the roots will be confined forcing nutrients back into your plants where they belong, producing healthier plants with bigger blooms while saving you time & money in the process!