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Keeney Manufacturing T-Rex Duct Tape 12 Yard
Item #:4614145 | Quantity Available: 9
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Designed for any situation or project, T-REX Tape is ideal for homeowners and craftsmen who demand the highest quality tools. This Ferociously Strong Tape is made with super-durable, sun-resistant materials that hold up in a wide range of temperatures and weather. Three layers combine to create T-REX Tape: A double-thick adhesive is combined with a tough, polyethylene skin and a reinforced inner cloth layer. These components are forced together while the skin and adhesive are still molten creating a lasting bond that gives T-REX Tape 4X times the staying power, 3X the holding power and 2X the bite of standard duct tape. Whether it's around the home or on the job site, T-REX Tape will hold longer and stronger than regular tape making it ideal for any project big or small.