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King Brands ColdCure Back/Hip
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ColdCure Back Wraps work to relieve the pain and swelling associated with soft tissue injuries of the back and hips. They can also be used to treat chronic conditions. Sciatica, Hip Flexor Injuries, Back Pain, Back Strains, Pinched Nerves or Discs, Piriformis, Hip Pain, Hip Strains and Hip Bursitis can all be treated with your ColdCure Back/Hip Wrap. ColdCure Back/Hip Wraps are versatile in that they can be worn on several different areas of the back and hips. The gel pack inside the wrap will fully cover any injuries of the mid-back, lower back and hips. The dimensions of the effective treatment area are 7"x10".
Product Includes:
Soft, Comfortable Neoprene Wrap
3 XC RigiGel Packs
1 Year Product Quality Warranty