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Festool Domino Extension Table Cross Anchor
Item #:M6011346 | Quantity Available: 1
$15.75 Regular

64 Half-Shells for widening 32 Cross Anchors. For widening and pressure distribution when using Cross Anchors (201351) in materials such as particleboard and MDF. Break through the limits of shop-built pieces and on-site construction with the use of knock-down hardware. Create, build, and finish full-sized constructed pieces, then quickly disassemble, move, and then reassemble with only a hex wrench. DOMINO fasteners work with the DOMINO XL (DF 700) Joiner to create flat or corner joints. Corner and flat connectors provide simple and quick connections without the need for templates or complex measuring. Colored cover caps provide high-quality corner connection appearance. Available as a set and individual components. Requires 14mm cutter. For processing cross anchors for improved pressure distribution for applications in porous or soft materials such at kitchen worktops. Prevents the cross anchor being drawn into the material.