Circular Saw Blades

Marathon Miter Circular Blade 12" 72T

25576 Available: 2
Thin kerf saw blades for miter saws and table saws. Alternate top bevel, 1.8mm plate, .095" kerf, 15 degree hook angle.
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Saw Blade Perma Shield 10"

2131522 Available: 3
Thin kerf saw blade for miter and table saws. Used for crosscutting oak, pine melamine, veneer, plywood and delicate molding. Laser cut stabilizer vents for reduced vibration and precise cuts.
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Freud Steel Demon 70t Blade 7-1/4"

2367217 Available: 2
Cuts through ferrous metals quickly and accurately leaving clean, burr free cuts; features teeth with Triple Chip Grind (TCG) and a special carbide blend with outstanding resistance to the high impact generated by steel cutting.
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Plywood/Melamine Blade Track Saw

M5087906 Available: 1
Finally, a high quality saw blade to realize the FULL potential of the Festool Saw! The Only blade for Festool Saws featuring A Hi-ATB tooth design for incredibly clean cuts in veneer plywoods and melamines. The first and only blades for Festool Saws with anti-vibration design for smoother, quiter cuts to deliver a better quality finish and longer life. 160-mm by 48t HI-ATB - 38-Degree - Thin Kerf Plywood, Melamine, and Finish blade with 20-mm arbor. Blade features Freud's TiCo high density carbide, unique tooth geometry, perma-shield coating, anti-vibration design and laser cut technology. Does not require a splinter guard.
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Freud Dbl Sided Melamine Track Saw Bla

M5089606 Available: 2
Freud Thin Kerf Laminate Saw Blade High quality ripping blade designed to fit Festool, Makita and DeWalt tracksaws, Freud's thin kerf, TiCo carbide teeth deliver crisp and clean cuts without a splinterguard, Perma-shield blade coating resists gumming and corrosion, Laser-cut anti-vibration slots offer a quiet wobble free cut every time.
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Saw Blade Fine Tooth TS55

M6010891 Available: 4
Fine 48-Tooth Saw Blade . 48 tooth; 2.2mm kerf; 20mm arbor; 5 deg hook angle; ATB
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Festool Saw Blade Standard 18t TS75

M6010893 Available: 2
Saw blade standard 18-tooth for TS 75. 18 tooth; 2.6mm kerf; 30mm arbor; 20 deg hook angle; ATB
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Universal Blade TS 75 Plunge Cut Saw

M6010894 Available: 2
Universal 36-Tooth Saw Blade. 36 tooth; 2.4mm kerf; 30mm arbor; 15 deg hook angle; ATB
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Freud LU74R010 Thin Kerf Ultimate Cut‑Off Blade 10"x 80T

M6083306 Available: 2
This thin kerf blade produces glass smooth surfaces when crosscutting hardwoods and softwoods, thanks to Freuds unique side grinding technology. The larger blades are ideal for miter box applications. Thin kerf blades remove less material than standard carbide blades, thus requiring less horsepower to produce equally good results.
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Freud Sawblade 10x5/8 60T

M6083345 Available: 2
This heavy-duty production Freud LU92M saw blade produces an excellent finish on the top and bottom of thick laminates and melamine. The LU92M series is ideal for cutting stacked 3/4" laminates and melamine. Each tooth has a special modified triple chip grind design created by computer simulation to breeze through thick stock and single or double-sided laminates, leaving a chip-free edge. Diameter: 10". Teeth: 60 MTCG. Arbor: 5/8". Kerf: .126. Plate: .087.
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Diablo Saw Blade 16-5/16" 32T

M6083354 Available: 3
Laser cut bodies for accurate cuts
Freud micrograin carbide for long life
Anti-vibration vents for stability
Perma-shield coating to resist heat
Thin kerf design to increase machine performance
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Freud Sawblade 8"x 5/8"

M6084550 Available: 3
-8 inch 64TPI TCG 5/8 inch arbor
-Carbide tipped for a superior cut
-Great blade for laminates, melamines
-Excellent for soft & hard woods
-Red Perma-SHIELD coating reduces friction
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