Power Tool Accessories

Dewalt 20V 6amp Battery

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The DEWALT DCB206 20V MAX* 6.0Ah Lithium Ion Premium Battery is a premium 6.0Ah battery that provides 2X the capacity of standard Battery Pack (DCB200), and 3X the capacity of compact XR Battery Pack (DCB203). It features a 3-LED fuel gauge system that allows for immediate feedback on state of charge. This battery offers no memory and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity and less downtime. It is perfect for higher demand tools like demo hammers and grinders which need longer runtimes. 1 hour charge time on DCB118 Fast Charger. Backed by DEWALT'S 3 year limited warranty.
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Kreg K5 Pocket Hole Jig

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The Kreg Jig K5 incorporates the best features of every Kreg Jig that came before with upgrades you've never seen. That starts with an all-new clamping mechanism that you can adjust without tools or adjusting nuts to match your work piece thickness. Just slide the clamp into place, "click" the large front-mounted clamp handle, and your jig is set to hold your work piece tight every time. Plus, you'll find large support wings to hold your work piece steady-and they have storage compartments inside. Add in a batch of other great features like a standard swiveling dust-collection port, spring-loaded stop for the Drill Guide Block, and, of course, the ability to remove the Guide Block for portable use, and you have, quite simply, the most advanced Kreg Jig yet.
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Rapid Battery Charger for Li-Ion Batteries

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Charges a full-size 18V LXT(R) battery in only 30 minutes, and an 18V Compact battery in only 15 minutes.ENERGY STAR(R) qualified.Built-in fan circulates air through the battery during the charging process to cool the battery for faster charge time.Optimizes battery life by actively controlling current, voltage and temperature.
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Multi Port Charger

2426807 Available: 2
Fast charging - charges 2 x
3.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries at
the same time in only 22
Built-in CPU - gathers
information from the battery's
memory chip to determine optimum
charging method
Forced air cooling fan - cools
the battery to minimise charging
LED charging display
Full charge sound alert
USB port provides 1.5A output
for charging smart phones,
tablets, etc
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Kreg Jig K5 Master System

2439214 Available: 2
Combines the popular Kreg Jig K5 with premium accessories, allowing a new option when using the Kreg Joinery system. The Master System adds a 3" Automaxx auto-adjusting face clamp, as well as a portable base to the Kreg Jig K5. Adding the portable base gives buyers yet another use for this handy jig; simplified setup for portable building and making repairs. Plus, the Kreg Jig K5 Master System includes downloadable plans to help get you started building projects as soon as you take this system home.
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Dewalt Max Battery Adapter 20V

2488138 Available: 4
-Allows for use of 20 V max batteries in most DEWALT 18 V tools
-Adapter requires the use of 20 V max chargers
-Adapter will not fit in DEWALT 18 V chargers
-Compatible with most DEWALT 18 V tools
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Dewalt Flexbolt Battery Pack 20/60V

2493344 Available: 9
The DEWALT DCB606-2 20/60V MAX* FLEXVOLT battery pack 6.0 Ah dual pack allows you the power of corded with the freedom of cordless. This battery pack offers 4X runtime compared to DCB201 1.5 Ah battery pack / 3X power compared to DC9096 18V battery. It features durable construction with single piece cell holder, with an LED state of charge display. Because it automatically changes voltages when you change tool, you can slide the battery into a whole new lineup of tools from DEWALT; it features tri-platform compatibility with 20V MAX*, 60V MAX*, and 120V MAX*. No need to invest in a whole new system). This revolutionary battery will change the way things get done! Includes: (2) DCB606 FLEXVOLT batteries.
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2493351 Available: 7
The DCB606 20V/60V MAX Battery pack changes voltage when you change tools, powering a line of powerful 60V MAX tools, 120V MAX tools, and backwards compatible to existing 20V MAX tools and chargers. The battery pack is smart enough to know when to provide runtime for 20V MAX tools (6.0Ah) and power in the new 60V MAX and 120V MAX tools
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Seneca Woodworking Small Mortise Kit for DF700

M5085802 Available: 1
The Seneca Woodworking Small Mortise Kit bundles three of our most popular products together in one convenient kit that allows you to make mortises as small as 4mm with your Domino XL, and center properly on a variety of imperial plywood thicknesses.    The kit includes our RTS-500 Cutter Adapter for using DF500 cutters on your DF700, along with one of our "Domi-Shims" and our Imperial Thickness Gauge that allow quick fence adjustment for centering on plywood from  1/2 " to 1".

The Seneca Woodworking Domi-Shim is a machined aluminum shim that extends the lower travel limit of the Domino XL fence so that smaller offsets can be used.  This enables centering on smaller materials such as 1/2" or 3/4" plywood.

The Seneca Woodworking Imperial Thickness Gauge for DF700 works with the Domi-Shim to enable fast adjustment of the fence offset for centering on 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", and 1" nominal ply thicknesses.  It installs in less than a minute using a Torx T10 bit (not included) and is a direct replacement for the metric thickness gauge included with your Domino DF700. The Imperial Thickness Gauge is CNC machined from Delrin material and manufactured in the USA.
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Festool Guide Rail 55" FS 1400

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55" Guide Rail FS 1400. Use the FS 1400 Guide Rail (55 inches) with the Festool TS Plunge cut saw to make precision cuts up to 49 inches long
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Festool Guide Rail FS 3000 42"

M6010477 Available: 1
42" Guide Rail FS 1080. Use the FS 1080 Guide Rail (42 inches) with the Festool TS Plunge cut saw to make precision cuts up to 36 inches long.
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Festool Angle Unit For Guide Rails

M6010480 Available: 2
Angle Unit. Quickly and accurately set angles for cutting or routing with the Festool FS guide rails
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