Protective Equipment

Woodworking Sanding & Fiberglass Respirator 2pk

22079 Available: 19
Protection from dust when sanding, installing fiberglass and asbestos. Easy to breath through. Lightweigh, comfortable and double strapped.
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Dust Respirators

22080 Available: 8
Protection from air-borne insulation particles,Comfortable, conforms to facial contours,Disposable,NIOSH/MSHA approved,20 masks per box
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Over Economical Safety Glasses Clear

23622 Available: 6
Made with 100 percent virgin materials which improves the clarity of the material, as well as the strength. Features indirectly vented side temples to help keep the users cool; fit over most prescription eyewear to protect from impact. Used in applications such as power tool work sawing/drilling in metal or wood, hammering, painting or overhead work. Meet the high impact requirements of the American National Standards Institute's ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard.
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Home Dust Mask 5pk

24410 Available: 5
Can help reduce the inhalation of household dusts, dirt, pollen and grass clippings.
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Banded Ear Plugs

25877 Available: 3
Patented, super soft gel material improves wearer comfort. Easy to insert and remove. High Noise Reduction. Rating (NRR 23).
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3M Tekk Protection 1 Pair Reusable Corded Earplugs

25878 Available: 6
-Use to help protect ears against noises at or exceeding 85 decibels -Feature a triple-flange design for a comfortable, snug fit
-Attached cord helps reduce the chances of losing earplugs
-Comfortable to wear over an extended period of time
-Includes storage case
-NRR 25 dB
-Orange earplug with blue cord
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Paint Odor Respirator

2000644 Available: 12
Specifically for latex paint odors and smog,Relief from non-hazardous household odors,NIOSH (TC-21C-234) approved,Respiratory protection against the following:,Dust, mist & lead
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Lightweight Disposable Paint Respirator

2000784 Available: 5
NIOSHA/MSHA approved for respiratory protection,Low profile on face for a wide field of vision,Lightweight, soft, pliable face-piece,Replaceable pre-filters for effective filtration,Disposable convenience
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Ultraflex Non-Skid Kneepads

2016822 Available: 7
Sure-grip shell surface,Thick foam inner pads for all-day comfort,Designed for tile-setters, plumbers, & roofers,Adjustable rubber straps to fit all sizes
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Forney 57010 Welding Helmet Replacement Lens Shade #10

2018646 Available: 2
The Forney 57010 replacement 4 1/4 inch x 2 inch #10 shaded lens. Fits most brand name helmets.
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McGuire Kneepads w/Straps

2075992 Available: 2
McGuire Nicholas 309 Top grain leather exterior, rivet reinforced inner liner of water resistant felt, plated metal buckles. Leather with one 3/4" wide leather strap per pad.
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Paint Respirator Supply Kit

2087633 Available: 1
Contains 2 each 3M organic vapor cartridges,-,2 each #501 retainers and-,2 pairs #P95 5P71 particulate filters
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