Drafting Supplies

Fairgate Alum T Square 24 in.

112553 Available: 2
24-inch Aluminum T-Square FG60-124. Lighter Weight. Blade is 1.5 inches wide. Deep cut graduations are easy to see. Made in the USA

Fiskars Ruler Softgrip 12 in.

9239948 Available: 3
Fiskars' best ruler : Hard plastic with non-slip Softgrip center assists with holding the ruler when drawing straight lines - reduces student frustration!

Fiskars Compass Protractor Set

9248055 Available: 12
Two durable tools essential to success in the classroom. these two tools are must-haves for every student eight years old and up and their durable designs mean they'll withstand rough use by kids. our plastic compass creates perfect circles and arcs with a single motion. a locking mechanism helps prevent mistakes, a dial marked with both-inch and centimeters makes measuring easy and the innovative plastic safety tip holds the compass in place without tearing or puncturing the paper. our plastic protractor features bold inch and centimeter marks that simplify measuring and a clear, shatter-resistant design that allows kids to see their project for improved accuracy.

Ben Lead Holder Value Pack

14300115 Available: 12
Features a 2-3mm lead holder with an all-metal barrel, aluminum anodized knurled finger grip and lead pointer in the pencil cap. Positive feed lead advances 1/8" when cap is depressed. Includes a vinyl eraser with lead pointer and a tube of three 2mm replacement leads (2H).

Alvin Tech DA Leadholder 2mm

14300155 Available: 12
Features a four-way vise-grip jaw that holds 2mm lead securely. Rugged plastic barrel with knurled finger grip and pocket clip houses a spring-loaded lead release. Supplied with one lead.

Alvin Dux Inkwell Sharpener

14300180 Available: 15
An all-purpose wood case pencil sharpener with glass shavings receptacle that has the look of years past. Portable, convenient. Assorted colors.

Alvin French Curve 6.5"

14300200 Available: 6
Popular curves molded of smoke gray-tinted 0.08" thick polystyrene with double inking edges.

Alvin French Curve 8"

14300210 Available: 4
This plastic curve with an inking edge is great for detail work.  It's heavy enough not to warp but flexible enough not to chip or crack if dropped from a tabletop. Features double-beveled inking edges and a transparent smoky grey color.

Alvin Self Healing Cutting Mat & Knife

14300220 Available: 11
Alvin Self Healing Cutting Mat with Knife 6"x8.5". Handy kit includes a  6" x 8" green self-healing cutting mat with hobby knife and spare blades. Printed grid pattern includes 1/2" grid with lines for 30, 45, 60 degree angles. One edge graduated with 1/8" around all 4 edges. Great for hobbies, crafts, modeling, more.

Fairgate T-Square Aluminum Blade 12"

14300240 Available: 6
Many of the same features as the T-Series, but in a lighter weight, hardened aluminum. Made in USA

Alvin Circular Protractor 4"

14300255 Available: 8
Made of durable 0.08" thick polystyrene. Features a full 360 degrees of long-lasting graduations and beveled edges. Center cutout for easy lifting.

Alvin Triangular Scale Set 6"

14300265 Available: 12
High-quality scales made from high-impact plastic with white, non-reflecting, matte faces and tapered edges. Printed graduations and color-coded furrows. Set of two, one architect and one engineer. Convenient 6" length