Drafting Supplies

Fairgate Alum T Square 24 in.

112553 Available: 2
24-inch Aluminum T-Square FG60-124. Lighter Weight. Blade is 1.5 inches wide. Deep cut graduations are easy to see. Made in the USA

Fairgate Alum T Square 36 in.

112554 Available: 4
Blade measures 1 1/2 wide. Many of the same features as the T-Series, but in a lighter weight, hardened aluminum.

Alvin Bow Compass Divider 5 in.

112556 Available: 5
All metal compass features extra pivot point for use as a divider. Creates circles up to 8 inches in diameter. Includes replacement needle and lead.

Ben Lead Holder Value Pack

14300115 Available: 18
Features a 2-3mm lead holder with an all-metal barrel, aluminum anodized knurled finger grip and lead pointer in the pencil cap. Positive feed lead advances 1/8" when cap is depressed. Includes a vinyl eraser with lead pointer and a tube of three 2mm replacement leads (2H).

Alvin Tech DA Leadholder 2mm

14300155 Available: 7
Features a four-way vise-grip jaw that holds 2mm lead securely. Rugged plastic barrel with knurled finger grip and pocket clip houses a spring-loaded lead release. Supplied with one lead.

Alvin Dux Inkwell Sharpener

14300180 Available: 20
An all-purpose wood case pencil sharpener with glass shavings receptacle that has the look of years past. Portable, convenient. Assorted colors.

Alvin French Curve 6.5"

14300200 Available: 5
Popular curves molded of smoke gray-tinted 0.08" thick polystyrene with double inking edges.

Alvin French Curve 8"

14300210 Available: 4
This plastic curve with an inking edge is great for detail work.  It's heavy enough not to warp but flexible enough not to chip or crack if dropped from a tabletop. Features double-beveled inking edges and a transparent smoky grey color.

Alvin Self Healing Cutting Mat & Knife

14300220 Available: 13
Alvin Self Healing Cutting Mat with Knife 6"x8.5". Handy kit includes a  6" x 8" green self-healing cutting mat with hobby knife and spare blades. Printed grid pattern includes 1/2" grid with lines for 30, 45, 60 degree angles. One edge graduated with 1/8" around all 4 edges. Great for hobbies, crafts, modeling, more.

Fairgate T-Square Aluminum Blade 12"

14300240 Available: 4
Many of the same features as the T-Series, but in a lighter weight, hardened aluminum. Made in USA

Alvin Circular Protractor 4"

14300255 Available: 8
Made of durable 0.08" thick polystyrene. Features a full 360 degrees of long-lasting graduations and beveled edges. Center cutout for easy lifting.

Alvin Triangular Scale Set 6"

14300265 Available: 8
High-quality scales made from high-impact plastic with white, non-reflecting, matte faces and tapered edges. Printed graduations and color-coded furrows. Set of two, one architect and one engineer. Convenient 6" length