Winter Toys

Paricon I-39 Blizzard Flexible Flyer Inflatable Snowtube 39"

81522 Available: 9
Made from cold crack resistant PVC. Includes over-sized handles and safety air valve. Tested to withstand temp of 22 degrees below zero. 39" diameter (deflated). Double welded seams. Ages 5 and up.
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Winter Toboggan 48"

83019 Available: 138
Molded-In Hand Grips. 48" Length, Extra Deep Injection Molded Sled. Heavy Construction With 3 Molded Runners. For Improved Tracking. For Use By Two Children. Assorted Colors.
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Poly Flyer Saucer 26"

83020 Available: 72
Molded-In Hand Grips. 26" Diameter X 3-1/2" Deep. For Use By One Person. Assorted Colors.
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Orange Beast Toboggan 66"

8097065 Available: 11
66" Family Fun Toboggan
Family-size toboggan (orange).
Fits up to four small children
or parents and kids together
Extra-heavy-duty poly
In-and-out rope handles along
rails provide easy grip for
multiple riders
Diamond-polished bottom for
speedy sliding
Easy-to-spot bright color for
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Snurfer Boards

SNFR Available:
Surfing. Sledding. Put the two together and what do you get? Snurfing! Forget the complicated gear. Snurfers are simple, durable, and tons of fun. Each board is crafted from the finest maple available from the USA. There are no metal rails or bindings to get in the way, just a unique riding experience where balance meets pure enjoyment.
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Emsco Triangle Inflatable Snowtube

M1027614 Available: 21
Triangle snowtube.
2 heavy grab handles
Center seat panel keeps rider off snow
Anti-freeze additive keeps vinyl flexible
Double-welded seams for extreme snow play
Heavy-duty, quality construction
Graphic subject to change
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Pelican X-Treme Snow Board Blue

M1043340 Available: 8
X-Treme Snow Board in Blue. A basic board for sled hills with adjustable toe bindings.
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Airhead ZigZag Steerable Sled

M1070139 Available: 15
Go on an adrenaline pumping trip as you rush downhill with the Air head Plastic Rocket Sled- Red. This sled is made of high impact plastic to sustain the bumps and hits as it zooms down the hill. Its special plastic can resist the cold temperature and prevents your sled from cracking. This 2.5 inch x 33.75 inch x 4.125 inch sled is suitable for a single rider. Recommended ages 3-8 years.
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Erapro/Paris Kids Sled Snowflake

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Sno flake, red infant/toddler pull sled, wide stance to prevent tipping, safety harness holds child in place & long runners gives baby a nice ride, nest to minimize storage space, yellow harness & handle.
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Super Inflatable Snowtube

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Kids will have loads of fun on the neighborhood hill with this 39 inch snow tube. Designed for kids and small adults up to 120 lbs. Features grab handles that are easy for mittened hands to hold and a raised center panel to keep kids dry.
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Mountain Boy Toboggan Wood 72"

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A true classic, the Mountain Boy Sledworks 6-Foot Mountain Toboggan boasts beautiful handmade craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and a simple, time-tested design for years of winter fun. Constructed of steam-bent, knot-free planks of flexible basswood, with hand-carved willow crosspieces, the toboggan can carry up to 600 pounds. Mountain Boy uses stainless-steel screws and genuine leather grommets to ensure long-term performance, with a lead-free, marine-grade finish that gracefully weathers the elements. The curl at the front of the sled is big enough for an adult to tuck his or her feet in securely around a child, and the rope is extra long for easy pulling.

This is the toboggan your grandfather had -- beautifully made, with solid planks, willow crosspieces, and made extra-wide with a tall curl at the front big enough that an adult can tuck their feet up in there, and the rope is extra long. This sled is designed to last: all hardware is stainless steel, and the wood has a marine-grade finish. Our Mountain Boggans are true classic toboggans, made by hand with only the best materials. The steam-bent planks are knot-free, flexible basswood, with hand-carved willow crosspieces.

Dimensions: 72 x 17.5 x 16 inches (L x W x H)
Weight: 15 pounds
Weight limit: 600 pounds
Age range: 5 years and up
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Sled Snowsprint Racer

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Racer-style sled.
Cool, tie-dye pattern
Large, open handles
Unique curved-rocker design helps keep rider in sled and the snow out Forward heel-lock design for secure rider position
Handy color-matched towrope
Easy-to-spot bright color for safety
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