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Energizer Alkaline C 8pk

3005196 Available: 10
Long-lasting power and innovation is what the Energizer MAX family is all about - up to 10-year shelf life for C batteries. Plus, PowerSeal Technology is the Energizer innovation that delivers energy you can rely on.
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Energizer D Battery 8pk

3005204 Available: 25
Keep all your electronics and devices running smoothly with help from Duracell CopperTop Alkaline Batteries. These household necessities are good for remotes, smoke alarms, flashlights, toys and more. They are not only dependable, they're also long-lasting. With Duralock Power Preserve Technology, you can expect a 10-year shelf life.
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Ray-O-Vac Lantern 6V 2pk

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This Floating Lantern Battery has sealed in steel construction for dependable service. Ray-O-Vac products stand for quality and performance at a value price. Ray-O-Vac Flashlights light the way with product features second to none.
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Energizer Lithium AA 2 pack

3022449 Available: 8
Now with E2 titanium advanced technology for max performance Superior performance in cold weather applications 10-year shelf storage life is perfect for emergency kits
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Energizer 2430 3V Battery

3037751 Available: 19
The 2430 lithium coin cell battery from Energizer is packed with enough voltage to power your cameras, watches, heart-rate monitors, glucose monitors, keyless entry for cars, and toys and games for children. This battery's capacity rate is three volts, making its current stronger and more efficient than a typical alkaline battery. You're going to get superb Energizer quality if you pick this particular coin cell. The 2430 coin cell is meant to operate as a replacement for 2011LC, CR2430, DL2430 and ECR2430 batteries. This little battery is also able to sustain its power supply for up to eight years when stored away. It is the ideal coin cell for all of your electronic needs.

Dependable performance in devices like heart-rate monitors, keyless entry, glucose monitors, toys & games. Holds power for 8 years in storage. Cell size: 2430. IEC: CR2430. Type: Lithium Coin. Volt: 3. Replacement for: 2011LC, CR2430, DL2430, ECR2430.
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Battery Tester 1.5V-22.5V

3065901 Available: 3
Brand Name: Gardner Bender
*Test Range: 1.5V to 22.5V
*Display Type: Analog
*Product Type: Battery Tester
*Color: Black/Red
*Packaging Type: Carded
*Depth: 1.5 in.
*Batteries Included: No
*Width: 4.5 in.
*8.7 in. height
*Tests: 1.5V button cell, 1.5V AAA, N, AA, C, D cells, 1.25VNickel Cadmium rechargable cells, 3V Lithium cells, 6V lantern and photo light meter cells, 9V rectangular, 12V, 15V photo cells and 22.5V photo and lantern cells
*Easy to read selector switch and color coded "Good/Replace" indicator
*Positive and negative contact posts on the front of the tester for quick and easy 9V battery checks
*Handy button cell retainer holds the battery in place during test
*Voltage rating: 1.5V to 22.5V
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Energizer 1.5V Battery 303/357/76

3099066 Available: 32
Energizer 357BPZ 1.5-Volt Battery 1.5V; ZEROMERCURY(R); Leak resistant; For use in keyless entry devices, electronic books, glucose monitors, auto devices, toys, health/fitness devices & calculators ; Single; 150mAh
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Duracell 309/393 Watch/Electronic Silver Oxide 1.5V Battery

3099140 Available: 16
Duracell, 1.5V Silver Oxide Watch & Calculator Battery (Eveready #E393BP).
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Energizer 391 Button Cell Battery 1.5V

3099231 Available: 12
Watch/calculator batteries silver oxide - button cell no mercury Designed for use on continuous low drain. Replaces Duracell D391, Panasonic SP391, Varta V391, Timex L; Maxwell, Sony, and Toshiba SR1120W. 11.6mm diameter x 2.1mm height. 49 MAH to 1.3 volt. 1.55 volt, carded.
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Energizer Battery 4 NiMH Rech AA 4pk

3106119 Available: 12
Power up your portable devices with these Panasonic AA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. Each battery gives you up to 2,000 mAh so that you can keep charged devices such as your remote controls and various toys, and once you're done with them, simply place these Panasonic AA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries into an appropriate recharger.
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Energizer 2 NiMH Rech AAA 2pk

3106127 Available: 7
Specifically designed for high-tech, energy draining devices Long lasting rechargeable batteries can be charged up to 1,000 times Can be recharged to full capacity at any time (no need to discharge completely) Cost effective and better for the environment 2,300 mAh (milliamp/hour)
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Energizer Rechargeable Battery C 2 pack

3106135 Available: 17
Keep electronic devices powered with this pack of two Energizer Recharge C batteries. They maintain a full charge for up to a year when stored, and you can reuse them up to 1,500 times. Use this pack of two Energizer Recharge C batteries to run small toys for 420 minutes and remotes or game controllers for 480 minutes per charge.
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