Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System Sapphire

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This system lights with the click of a button and in just over 2 minutes provides two cups of boiling water for cocoa, coffee, instant soup or a gourmet freeze-dried meal. The newly designed burner secures the igniter, protecting it from bumps along the road. Flash is designed to be one of the safest cooking solutions out there. The cooking cup clips onto the burner, preventing accidental spills, and the fuel canister tripod ensures overall stability. The insulating cozy has a color-changing heat indicator that signals when contents are hot.
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Jetboil MiniMo Personal Cooking System Carbon/Line Art

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Winner of Backpacker magazine's 2015 Editors' Choice Award, the MiniMo provides excellent simmer control and usability for making gourmet meals on your backpacking trips.
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Jetboil Pot Support

M1054709 Available: 3
The stainless steel Pot Support adapts the Jetboil burner for use with our 8 inch FluxRing Fry Pan and 1.5L FluxRing Cooking Pot, as well as a wide variety of traditional pots and pans. The support flanges lock securely to the burner base and they also fold so the Pot Support can be stowed inside Jetboil system cups.
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Jetboil Grande Coffee Press

M1054711 Available: 3
Use the Grande Coffee Press to turn your Jetboil Mini Mo Stove or Sumo Companion Cup into a French press so you can sip your favorite coffee in the backcountry.
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MSR WindBoiler 1L Stove

M1055883 Available: 3
Combining award-winning Reactor(R) technology with the features solo travelers need most, the WindBurner Stove System is ideal for backcountry adventures and weekend camping alike. Its radiant burner and enclosed, windproof design allow the stove to boil water fast and operate in weather that leaves conventional burners in the cold. The integrated cookware with built-in heat exchanger efficiently transfers heat to the lock-on pot so you can enjoy a quick meal or hot drink after a hike, ride or paddle. The all-in-one system nests inside its pot for easy packing and assembly--leaving more time for you to enjoy your adventure.
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Mr. Heater Basecamp Propane Converter

M1064082 Available: 5
The BaseCamp Propane Converter allows you to convert your camping stove from liquid fuel to propane.
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Coleman Fyre Sergeant 3-in-1 Propane Stove

M1070452 Available: 2
Serve up a family feast in no time with the Coleman  FyreSergeant  3-IN-1 Propane Stove. Each 11,000-BTU burner utilizes our revolutionary HyperFlame technology, which provides an even heat distribution across the pan and better wind resistance to cut boiling time in half when compared to a standard burner in 3 m/sec wind. Wind Block  pan supports also provide 360 of wind protection and eliminate the need for side panels so you can use up to a 12-in. and 10-in. pan at the same time. It comes with two Swaptop compatible grill grates, which can be changed out with the included pan supports or a griddle (sold separately) to expand your meal options. The grill grates each incorporate a DripTrap  water pan that catches grease for easy cleaning in the dishwasher. When you're ready to cook, just hit the independently adjustable burners. The PerfectFlow  pressure control technology produces a steady fuel stream and consistent burner performance in all kinds of weather. When you're done cooking, the built-in handle and latching lid make for easy carrying back home until you're ready to create your next camping culinary masterpiece. -- * HyperFlame  burners use a stair-stepping design and added flame holes for faster, more even cooking * Boil water twice as fast as standard burners outdoors in a 3 m/sec. wind * Wind Block  pan supports offer 360  wind protection and fit larger pans * Swaptop  interchangeable cooktops for more meal options (2 grill grates included, griddles sold separately) * Instastart  ignition for push-button, matchless lighting * PerfectFlow  technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions * DripTrap  water pan catches grease for easy cleaning in the dishwasher * 22,000 total BTUs of cooking power * Fits a 12-in. and 10-in. pan at the same time * Spacious 200 sq. in. cooking area when using both grill grates * 2 independently adjustable burners give you precise control for 2 temperature zones * Built-in handle and latching lid for easy carrying * Non-skid feet let you stir pots and pans with ease * Lasts up to 1 hour with both burners on high on one 16.4-oz. propane cylinder (sold separately) * Perfect for camping, tailgating, picnicking and other outdoor occasions * 3-year limited warranty
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MSR Pocket Rocket II Stove

M2110045 Available: 6
The PocketRocket backpacking stove provides full cooking function in an incredibly efficient form. Barely noticeable in your pack, it delivers impressively in camp. Precision flame control goes from torch to simmer while our Wind Clip wind shield boosts efficiency in breezy conditions. The PocketRocket stove's diminutive size is also the foundation of a solid emergency kit for home or trail.
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Optimus Svea Stove Climber

M2110089 Available: 2
The Optimus Svea is an ultra-classic lightweight gasoline stove in solid brass. Widely used by climbers all over the world, this stove is renowned for its performance at high altitudes. The Optimus Svea is ideal for single ventures, high altitude cooking or whenever stuff volume and weight must be kept to a minimum.. The lid of the stove also serves as a small cooking pot.?
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Esbit Pocket Stove Small

M44695 Available: 4
Perfect backup stove Lightweight, aluminum construction Fold-away
design Fuel type: wax-based cubes Burn time: 15min per cube Note: ORM-D?must ship ground
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WindPro II

M66163 Available: 1
The next-generation WindPro II camp stove combines all of the great benefits of the original WindPro stove, with the ability to burn in liquid-feed mode. This added versatility lets you run the stove in traditional upright mode for optimal efficiency and flame control or, with a simple twist, invert the canister on the included stand to deliver liquid gas directly to the burner. This configuration diminishes reliance on internal canister pressure, greatly improving cold-weather and low-fuel performance, and boots stove output significantly anytime speed really counts.
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Coleman Camp Stove Generator 413A5621

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Camp Stove Generator, For Models #413E, #413F, #413G, #426B, #426C, #426D, #442 & #443.
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