Sporting Knives

Benchmade Bugout Axis Knife Blue Handle

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The Bugout was designed for the modern outdoor adventurer, incorporating the lightest, best performing materials in an extremely slim yet ergonomic package.
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Benchmade Phaeton OTF Auto Knife

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The new spine-fire OTF combines speed and style in a semi-tactical every day carry. Made in USA.
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Benchmade Casbah Auto Knife Blue Handle

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Casbah Auto Knife Blue Handle Rock it. Made in USA.
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Benchmade Mini Barrage Knife

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The Barrage is the first to feature the AXIS Assist. They offer quick, one-handed opening and can be operated equally with either hand.
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Benchmade Crooked River Axis Knife Wood

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Crooked River Axis Knife Wood
A traditional shape combined with modern technology that pushes the preconceived notions of what a hunting knife should be. Made in USA
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SOG Spec-Elite I Auto - Black TiNi

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"Just good enough" and "too fast" are not words in our vocabulary. Producing top-of-the-line products for professionals is what we do. The Spec Elite series is one go-to blade when things get serious.
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Kershaw Auto Launch 4

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For 2016, we made something special for our neighbors to the south. And since we're in Oregon, of course we mean California. So for you, California--and for anyone who prefers a shorter-bladed auto--we made the Launch 4. The Launch 4 sports a blade of just 1.9 inches, nice and legal. And pretty handy, too.
The blade is high-performance CPM154 steel. This powdered metallurgy steel has more uniform distribution of carbides--so it takes and holds an excellent edge, provides good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and toughness. The blade is DLC coated for an additional measure of blade protection and non-reflective good looks. Then to lighten the Launch 4's weight, we made the handle and integrated backspacer of durable aluminum, anodized in
The Launch 4 opens with a push button, recessed so that it is level with the flat of the handle. This is a safety feature and makes it harder for the knives to accidentally deploy. For left-handed use, press the blade-release/lock button with your index finger instead of your thumb. The Launch 4 has a single-position pocketclip and carries tip-up.

Automatic knives are dangerous and should be handled with extreme caution in all circumstances. Comply with all local, State, and Federal regulations regarding the purchase, owning, carrying, and transportation of automatic knives.
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Helle Arv Knife

116365 Available: 2
Handcrafted using traditional methods that have been passed down for generations, the Arv Knife is worthy of inheritance. A versatile lifelong companion, the Arv dispatches cutting tasks with ease. Featuring a drop point blade made of Helle's renowned triple laminated stainless steel with a razor sharp Scandinavian grind and natural materials curly birch wood, antler and leather. The deeply contoured wooden handle provides positive control for detailed projects like carving. Each knife comes with a Nordic style sheath made of rich tanned leather.
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Helle GT Knife

116376 Available: 1
Helle GT is a knife with a substantial guard. It is a big knife, but the lack of pommel and the use of aluminum for the guard keeps the weight down. It is an excellent choice for those who like a fairly big knife with a guard. The blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel. The knife comes with a snap type leather sheath.
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Helle Harding Knife

116378 Available: 2
The Harding is a traditional barrel handle hunting knife. The beautiful, warm handle is made from curly birch and darkened oak separated by layers of leather. It has a full length tang. The blade is made of razor sharp triple laminated stainless steel. It comes with an embossed leather sheath with a handle butt retainer. A knife you will treasure.
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Helle Mandra Knife

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In order to perfect the design of this newest Helle knife, we travelled to the raw, remote and overwhelmingly beautiful country of Romania working alongside Les Stroud on his latest Survivorman episodes.
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Helle Viking Knife

116383 Available: 2
The blade is rather thick and made of laminated carbon steel. The black finish of the heat treatment is left on the sides for rustic look. The tang of the blade is peened over a diamond shaped washer. The handle is subtly shaped for comfort and control with a variety of grips. It comes with the traditional sheath that hangs from a thong.
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