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Dremel Tungsten Carbide Cutter 9901

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Use for shaping, smoothing & material removal,Use on hardened steel & stainless steel,Also used on the following: ,Cast iron, non-ferrous metals & plastics,Fired ceramics, hardwood & other hard materials,SIZE 1/8",POINT Blunt
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Dremel Tungsten Carbide Cutter 9903

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Dremel 9903 A high-speed cutter made of tungsten carbide, the hardest material next to diamonds, 1/8" (3,2mm) shank. Ideal for shaping, smoothing or removing material from especially hard materials-including hardened steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals, fired ceramics, plastics and hard woods
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426 Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels 1- 1/4"

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Use with Mandrel 402,Makes it easy to cut or slot bolts & screws,Use on sheet metal, thin wood & plastic,Cuts only along its edge,1-1/4" dia.,SIZE .045" Thick
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420 Heavy Duty Cut-Off Wheels .040" 20pk

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Dremel 420 15/16" Cut-off Wheels, 20 Pack

A 15/16" diameter cutting disc made of a hard abrasive used for slicing and cutting metal including hardened steel. (.040" thickness) For slicing and cutting metal including hardened steel. Cut-off wheels make it easy to cut bolts or screws or make slots in rusted or stripped bolts and screws for removal with a screwdriver.
For slicing and cutting metal, wood and plastic. Easily cuts or slots bolts, screws, sheet metal, thin wood and plastic. Trims castings and molded ceramics. Cuts only along its edge. Do not attempt to sand or cut curved holes. Do not run in excess of 30,000 RPM. Use with No.402 mandrel.
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Excel #18 Chisel Blade 1/2 in. 5 Pack

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High quality classic #18 chisel blades, 100% Made in the USA with a 1/2 inch blade perfect for chiseling, shaving, cutting, trimming wood, plastic, rubber, wax and more with ultimate precision. Versatile replacement blades fit with all standard medium to heavy duty craft knives including Xacto Knife. Perfect tool for heavy chiseling, and shapping a range of different materials with a super sharp blade that allows you to make a more skillful cut than your traditional chisel blade. Includes a pack of (5) of #18 large chisel blades with 1.18 x 0.5 inch edge.
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Quick Change Collet Nut Kit

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Kit consisting of a special collet nut and four collets for use with a variety of Dremel tools, attachments and handpieces. Allows you to quickly change collets to accept bits with shanks of 1/32" to 1/8". Kit contains (1) each 1/8" Collet, 3/32" Collet, 1/16" Collet, 1/32" Collet and Collet Nut.
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Multi-Purpose Cutter Kit

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Provides controlled cuts in a variety of materials. Depth adjustment sets correct cutting depth up to 3/4". Easy screw-on mounting and large window provides excellent visibility. Specs: fits tool models 400, 398, 395, 300, 285, 275, 200, 100, 800 and 780. Includes: multipurpose cutting guide attachment, (2) drywall cutting bits, (1) multi purpose cutting bit and instructions.
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Multi-Pro Dremel Tool Chuck

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Use with Dremel corded rotary tools or 9.6V cordless. MultiPro without changing collets. Accepts all 1/32" to 1/8" shank accessory bits. Also compatible with discontinued Model 595.
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Dremel Ceramic Tile Cutter

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Cuts ceramic wall tile, cement board & plaster,Not for use on floor tile
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Taper Point Diamond Point Shank 7134

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For fine detail work, engraving carving -,touch-up and finishing,Use on wood, jade, ceramic, glass -,hardened steel & semi-precious stones,Covered with diamond particles,SIZE 5/64"
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Flapwheel Sander 3/8" 80 Grit

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Dremel 502 3/8" Flapwheel (80 Grit)

A wheel of abrasive strips on a 1/8" shank. As the flapwheel wears down, new abrasive is continuously exposed, preventing clogging and providing uniform finishing throughout the life of the flapwheel. Use to grind and polish flat or contoured surfaces including metal, wood, rubber and plastic.
Dremel accessories are designed to be just what you need to complete the project
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EZ Lock Rotary Tool Cut-Off Wheels for Metal 5pk 1.5"

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Dremel EZ456 1-1/2-Inch EZ Lock Rotary Tool Cut-Off Wheels for Metal, 5-Pack

One piece mandrel design simplifies the process of changing cutting wheels and makes it easy to cut through metal. Cut off wheels labeled for easy identification. Compatible with all Dremel rotary tools .
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