Alpine Small Tabletop Fountain Cleaner

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All-purpose fountain cleaner. Eliminates sludge and grime. Contains de-foaming and de-scaling agents. Treats up to 7 liters. Use weekly for preventative care. Dosage may be doubled for problem fountains. Requires circulating water. Non-toxic, safe for pets. Not intended for ponds including wildlife or plantlife.
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Alpine Rock Waterfall Fountain

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Our newest line of fiberglass fountains have the look of natural stone with the strength and durability of fiberglass. Multiple streams of water flow creates a relaxing and meditative atmosphere. They can be placed indoors or out.
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Alpine Tabletop Waterfall Fountain 14"

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14", Polyresin Rock Waterfall Fountain, Includes 1 White LED Light & UL Approved 65 GPH Pump & 6' Cord, Tranquil Sound Of Natural Flowing Water & Unique LED Lighting Produced By This Exquisite Piece Will Relax & Soothe Your Body, Mind & Spirit, Crafted By A Team Of Gifted Artisans, Fountains Are Made Of Elegant, Lightweight Durable Resin Material, Making It Easy For Movement Or Placement To Create An Attractive Addition To Any Space, Comes Complete With Pump & All Necessary Parts For Easy Assembly & Operation, Dimensions 14"H x 9"L x 8"W. .
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Tabletop Fountain w/ 3 Candles

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The Eternity Table-Top Fountain will add the soothing sounds of splashing water to any setting. The soothing sound of naturally flowing water has always provided the perfect backdrop for sleep, relaxation, and concentration.
Comes complete with submersible pump and candles
Constructed out of resin
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