Steamers, Kettles & Trivets

John Wright Lattice Trivet Majolica Green

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Designed to match our large Majolica Steamers, these trivets are porcelain-coated to resist rusting and chipping. The Majolica technique has a long, rich history in ceramics. By the time of the Italian Renaissance, Majolica had reached the height of technical perfection, and was exported all over the world, usually via the isle of Majorca, thus the name Majolica. It produces a deep, rich color with a high gloss. Used under Steamers, they protect your woodstove from scratches and also slow down the heating process (so you don't have to fill the steamers as frequently!). But there are many other creative uses -- in the kitchen under hot pans, under a potted plant, or as the base of a table centerpiece.
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Minuteman Cast Iron Kettle Blue/Black 2.5Qt

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Chase the dryness from the air when burning your woodstove with a genuine cast iron Kettle. porcelain coated cast iron Kettles serve both a decorative purpose and a practical purpose by adding moisture to dry air. Add a few drops of delightfully scented Stove Scents and fill the air with the aroma of a fresh Carolina breeze or better yet a fresh baked cinnamon apple pie!. Capacity: 2.5. Construction Material: Porcelain coated cast iron. Finish: Blue/Black.
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