Stove & Fireplace Maintenance

Stove Gasket Cement Black 2.7oz

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This gasket cement pulls double duty because not only can this cement adhere any fiberglass gasket to most any metal, it can also be used to fix those small cracks, pinholes, and leaks in your cast iron stove. This cement is ready to get your stove back into shape so it is operating efficiently and safely. Before it is heat cured it can also be cleaned up with water so don't worry about those little mistakes when applying, even if it has already dried.
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Rutland Fireplace Mortar

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This is our original fireplace mortar formulated especially to patch fireplace fireboxes and to bond firebrick to firebrick. Fireplace mortar is a silicate product that when fire cured, sets rock hard - as strong as firebrick itself and withstands 2000 fahrenheit. Comes in a convenient cartridge for easy repointing of fireplace brick within the firebox. Colors match most mortars. Passes ASTM E136 and E72. 10.3 oz. cartridges.
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Rutland Hi Heat Silicone Tube Black

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Can be used in almost any situation where a permanent elastic rubber seal is required
Remains continuously flexible a 450 F and intermittently flexible at 500 F Adheres to glass, metal, most plastics, fiberglass, aluminum, wood, brick, and slate
Cures without heat
Suitable for use indoors and outdoors
Meets ASTM C920-86
Tooling Time: 5 to 10 minutes
Tack-Free Time: 1 hour
Cure Time: about 24 hours
Elongation: 400%
Joint Movement Capability: +25%
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Rutland Hi Heat Silicone Clear 10.5oz

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There are limitless uses in the home or even on a job site. Use it to seal fireplace inserts, repair solar panels, apply ceramic tiles to your fireplace surround or heat shielding behind your stove. Put on a chimney cap an know it will stay on in any weather and be flexible while dealing with hot smoke. Rutland's silicone will adhere to most clean surfaces including: glass, metal, plastics, fiberglass, wood, brick, and stone.
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Rutland Glass Cleaner & Conditioner 8oz

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Use to clean glass doors on fireplace inserts, coal, oil and wood burning stoves. Easy to use cream that works great to keep your glass looking clean.
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Rutland Dry Creosote Remover 1lb

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Creosote buildup is inevitable, but keeping it at bay is remarkably easy! A couple of scoops of Rutland Creosote Remover in your fire two times per week turns that sticky, tar-like creosote to ash and prevents further buildup from occurring.
Creosote buildup can cause chimney fires if left untreated so keep your home safe and warm with the powerful and effective Rutland Creosote Remover.
The use of creosote remover does not eliminate the need for regular chimney cleaning. Safe for use in all chimneys and wood burning appliances.
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Safe-T-Flue Chimney Cleaner 2lb

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Use Anti-Creo-Soot prior to sweeping your chimney and you'll be amazed at how much easier your chimney is to clean. The leader since 1982, ACS is a unique non-flammable manganese-based Environmentally Safe liquid catalyst. Professional strength and consumer safe, it offers several important benefits.
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Stove/Fireplace Gasket Rope 1/2"

49978 Available: 117

Graphite-impregnated stove gasket on spools
Resist abrasion, creosote adhesion and resist high temperatures up to 1,000 deg. F
Braided to resist unwinding
Used as original equipment by major stove manufacturers as well as replacement gaskets
Use along with one of Rutland's gasket cements for proper installation
SIZE: 1/2" x 88 Ft.
DESC: Rope
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White Off Glass-Ceramic Cleaning Cream

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Product Type: Glass Cleaner
Non-abrasive and easy to use, this cream is specially formulated for the removal of the white residue on your gas log fireplace glass doors. Because it does not scratch or cause micro pitting it is also great for glass-ceramic gas stove windows and cooktops, stainless steel, and fiberglass. Does not contain ammonia.
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Super Red Silicone Seal Cartidge Red 64C

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For any application that requires a permanently flexible waterproof seal that will withstand moisture, heat and vibration. Adheres to clean metal, glass, most types of wood, ceramic, plastic, brick and slate. Fully cured, it can be used for extended periods at temperatures up to 260 degree C (500 degree F) and for shorter periods as high as 316 degree C (600 degree F). 10.3 ounce Color: Red Flexible waterproof Use on metal, glass, wood and plastic Resists temperatures up to 316 degree C (600 degree F) Made in USA. Directions:
Surfaces must be clean and dry. Cut nozzle for desired bead size at a 45 angle. Using a caulking gun, apply by pushing sealant ahead of nozzle. Tool sealant immediately after application. Sealant can be applied in temperatures as low as 65C (-85F) provided the surfaces are dry and frost free. Can be applied overhead or on sidewall joints and surfaces without sagging, slumping or running off. Dry to touch in 30 minutes; cures fully in 24 hours.
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Furnace Cement Cartridge Black 64C

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This has been the benchmark Furnace Cement for over 90 years. Rutland Furnace Cement is a pre-mixed silicate cement that withstands temperatures over 2000? Fahrenheit without failure. The smooth consistency feathers very thin to make metal-to-metal joints smoke and gas tight. For installation and service of furnaces and oil burners. Seals flues and coal or ash pit doors. Also for small woodstove repairs.
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Rutland Hi Heat Silicone Tube Clear

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Graphite impregnated gaskets resist abrasion, creosote adhesion and temperatures up to 1000 f degrees. Great as replacement for worn out gaskets in wood and coal stoves or fireplace inserts. Featuresrutland high temperature silicone is a great solution to your sealant and adhesive needsforms a tough and flexible sealwill adhere to most clean surfaces including: glass, metal, plastics, fiberglass, wood, brick, and stone.
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