Dust Sweep & Mop

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Dust, sweep and mop... good clean FUN starts here! Kids want to help out - They love to be involved while imitating mom and dad. Now, they can accomplish the same tasks with their very own set of household supplies - sized just right! Sweep up excitement with a green bristled broom. Brush crumbs into the bright red dustpan with a handheld brush. Scrub the floor with a white and blue rope mop. Keep dust bunnies at bay with a fluffy orange duster. Kids smile big as they help to clean the house! Sturdy wooden handles withstand constant use. Bright colors are cheerful and attractive. The wooden storage stand keeps everything organized and ready. It's a cleaning toy kids can actually use to clean if they want! Designed just like the real thing only smaller to fit perfectly into little hands, the Let's Play House Dust, Sweep, and Mop set inspires joyous smiles through vivid imaginative play.
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