Mops & Mop Heads

Lola Rola Sticky Mop Refill

M1000906 Available: 5
Refill for lola 902 lola rola sticky mop, 30 sheets per roll
Works like a giant lint remover to pick up pet hair, lint crumbs, etc.
Great to use on rugs, kitchen floors, upholstery, stairs, ceiling fans, etc.
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Magnolia Dust Mop Frame 36"

M3320239 Available: 12
Frame is made of heavy duty metal, welded construction, plated finish.
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Looped Mop Head Cotton Duster 12"

M3320241 Available: 10
Magnolia Bush 5212 Industrial Grade Looped End Dust Mops
Industrial quality colored looped end dust mops.
Mop heads are made of absorbent cotton yarn evenly sewn on Sanforized duck. Convenient no rust zipper for easy changing of mop head.
5" X 12" Head Size
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Sh-Mop Hardsurface Floor Mop Handle 48"

M3327536 Available: 16
Easily clean all types of wood and stone floors. The unique rotating head makes it super easy to get under tables, couches, night stands, furniture, dressers and so much more. More reliable and durable then competitive products. Works great with the homepro wood floor cleaner and the homepro stone rejuvenator.
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Swiffer Sweeper X-Large Starter Kit

M3328238 Available: 3
Swiffer X-large sweeper and Max dry cloths are -,twice the size of regular Swiffer,Light & durable metal pole with swivel head to -,get into hard-to-reach places,Dry sweeping cloths are textured with V-shaped -,ridges that trap dirt, dust, hair & common -,allergens without stirring them up,Contains: 1 sweeper & 8 disposable cloths
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Smart Sense Twist & Dry Cotton Mop

M3328925 Available: 12
Casabella Wring Leader cotton mop makes cleaning easier. Absorbent cotton head; replaceable (refill #75005). Patented design with easy-to-use wringing mechanism. Sturdy steel pole with comfort-grip handle. 56-Inch long. Casabella cleaning tools, kitchen and bath accessories and organizing products have received numerous design awards and industry recognition for beautiful design and high quality workmanship.
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Professional 11" Automatic Sponge Mop

M3340890 Available: 1
11" natural fiber cellulose sponge and replaceable scrubbing pad removes caked-on dirt and scuff marks. Butterfly squeezing action with oversized nylon rollers. 54"L steel handle with swivel hang-up for easy storage.
Nylon nuts retain refill. Uses Type J No.0272 (SKU 474.6152) refill.
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Quickie Mop Refill Type J Mop

M3340900 Available: 9
11" natural fiber cellulose sponge for larger area floor coverage. Includes scrubber pad (not required on mops with scrub brush) and 4 nylon nuts for securing on Professional No.027 (SKU 192.6328), Professional Scrub-A-Mop No.020 (367.9263) and all other Type J butterfly mops.
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Casabella 'BIG' Mop Roller Sponge

M3341128 Available: 10
Casabella extra-wide roller mop makes cleaning large areas easier. Ergonomic design with angled head. Strong yet lightweight aluminum pole with easy-grip handle and lifetime guarantee. Replaceable sponge (refill #52058),Measures 54-1/2-inch overall with 12-3/4-inch wide head.
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Cotton Indoor/Outdoor Deck Mop

M74347 Available: 4
4-ply 100 percent cotton yarn wound with galvanized wire for strength. 48"-steel handle with swivel hang-up for easy storage use.
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Chickasaw Cotton Wet Mop Head 24oz

M75403 Available: 2
Sewn with 1'' tape bands. household mop heads work with no. 710 (sku 624.2200) handles; janitor heads work with nos. 9900 (sku 911.2111), 00712 (624.2218), and 00713 (624.2226) handles.
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Heavy Duty Doodlebug Pad

M3327218 Available: Out of stock
No. 8440 designed for delicate surface. No. 8242 designed for medium-duty cleaning and scrubbing. No. 8541 designed for tough jobs like removing finish and wax buildup from baseboards and floor edges. Fits No.6472  floor pad cleaner holder.
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