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Hancor Sump Well 18"x 24"

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High density polyethylene construction. Includes three pre-formed inlet collars sized to fit 4" corrugated polyethylene drainage lines. Molded side panel is designed lines. Molded side panel is designed to accept outside basement perimeter line at any elevation along well wall. Meets ASTM D3350. 18" Dia. x 24" Length. CSA approved. Lid not included.
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Poly Tank Fitting

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Left hand external thread and nut, FPT internal thread, for use with tanks having a wall thickness of 1/16" to 1/2". Polypropylene body and nut, polyethylene fariction washer, EPDM sealing washer.
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Microbe Lift Water Treatment 32oz

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MICROB-LIFTpl Water Treatment for Fish Ponds and Lagoons 32 oz.

Micro-Lift/pl is not a chemical, it is a natural, safe and beneficial bacteria, it is harmless to humans, animals fish and plants. Microbe-Lift is the trade name of a natural bacteria that is found in a natural, harmonious environment. Microbe-Lift is NOT a genetically engineered or altered bacteria!!  It will remain effective even in water temperatures under 55 degrees F (12 degrees C,)
Creates a healthy pond environment. Helps reduce ammonia nitrogen levels.Contains photosynthetic bacteria and hetertrophic bacteria which help clarify cloudy water by promoting flocculation and settling of
organic and inorganic particles. Seeds and maintains biological filteres. Improves disso;ved oxygen levels. Digests organic sludge reducing the frequency of cleaning. Reduces buildup of waste from fish and waterfowl. Reduces biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.) of water. Reduces unpleasant odors. Breaks down dead algae. Safe for fish, plants and any household pets that may drink from the pond. No need to worry for your pets or wildlife. MADE IN THE USA
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