Power Tool Accessories

Hook & Loop Backing Pad 5" 8 Hole

2206951 Available: 2
One 8-hole, medium grade replacement pad for sanders with dust collection. Pad provides the ability to switch between grits. Fits all standard 5" random orbit sanders.
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Twist Drill Bit Set 16pc

2294338 Available: 6
Pilot point tip starts on contact for clean and accurate holes in general purpose applications of metal and wood. Reduces lock up on breakthrough and no spin shank eliminates bit spinning in chuck. Tapered web for greater durability to reduce breaking. Size markings located above shank to prevent wearing away. Includes (2) two each: 1/16" and (1) each: 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 11/64", 3/16", 13/64", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" 1/2" and plastic case.
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Standard Electricians Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

2305886 Available: 2
Utilizes a deep cut technique, which broadens functionality by increasing the variety of widths the saw is compatible with; tooth and set guide, broad, toughened backing plates that avoid marring around the bores. Bi-metal section made from M3 steel for added protection against jobsite abuse. Includes (1) each:  7/8", 1-1/8", 1-3/8", 1-3/4", 2, 2-1/2",  small Quick Change mandrel, large Quick Change mandrel, replacement parts and a rugged kit box.
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Dewalt Masonry Saw Blade 6.5"

2362044 Available: 4
Constructed with two pieces of extra-strength fiberglass for long life Premium grain for added wheel life and speed of cut. High quality resin bonds that are 100% inspected before use for product consistency and quality.
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Dewalt Max Li-Ion Battery Charger 12V 20V

2362606 Available: 2
Charges all Dewalt 12V - 20V Max Li-Ion batteries in 1 hour or less. Diagnostics with LED indicator communicates battery charge status: charged, charging, power line problem, replace pack and battery too hot or too cold.
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Dewalt 20V Max 2.0a Battery

2392819 Available: 23
The Dewalt DCB203 20-Volt Lithium Ion Battery provides up to 33 percent longer run time than the standard battery packs of its range. This product has a three-LED fuel gauge system that allows immediate feedback on the state of the charge. The DEWDCB203 Dewalt lithium ion battery has no memory and virtually no self-discharge to maximize productivity and reduce downtime.
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DeWalt DWAX100 Screwdriving Set 31pc

2396869 Available: 4
31 Piece, Standard Screw Driving Set, 1'' Bit Tips, Extra Small Tough Case For Portable & Organized Storage With Belt Clip, S2 Modified Bits For Increased Durability, Magnet Bit Tip Holders Holds 1" Bit Tips, Includes 1" Phillip Bits, (2) Phillip 1, (6) Phillip 2, (2) Phillip 3, 1" Square Bits, (2) Square, (6) Square 2, (2) Square 3,1" SI Bits, SL6, (3) SL8, SL10 5, Star Bits, T15, (2) T20, (2) T25 5, Magnetic Bit Tip Holder 1.
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Dewalt Torx Bit T20 2 in. 2 Pack

2401990 Available: 2
T20 Torx Screwdriver Bit 1/4 in hex, 2" long. 2 pack
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Black Oxide Split Point Twist Drill Bit Assortment 13pc

2426740 Available: 4
Set contains 13 black oxide drill bits,Size range from 1/16 to 1/4",135 deg. split point to reduce walking,Stored in tough plastic case container
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Dewalt T15 Impact Bit 2" 2pk

2466522 Available: 3
2 Pack, 2", T15, Impact Ready Power Bit With Flex Torque, Increased Durability For Long Life, NC Machined Resulting In Accurate Manufacturing For Optimal Fit Into Screw Recess, Reflex Core Allows 2" Bits Flex Up To 15 Degrees To Reduce Breakage, Part Of 10 X Magnetic Screw Lock System For Fastener Retention Which Minimizes Drops & Reduces Wobbling.
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Dewalt Max Battery Adapter 20V

2488138 Available: 4
-Allows for use of 20 V max batteries in most DEWALT 18 V tools
-Adapter requires the use of 20 V max chargers
-Adapter will not fit in DEWALT 18 V chargers
-Compatible with most DEWALT 18 V tools
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Dewalt 18-20v Battery Adapter

2488203 Available: 2
The DEWALT DCA1820 20V MAX Battery Adapter for 18V Tools is compatible with most DEWALT 18V tools and allows for use of 20V MAX compact batteries in most DEWALT 18V tools. This adapter requires use of DEWALT 20V MAX charger, as this adapter will not fit into DEWALT 18V chargers. Battery and charger are sold separately. Use with DCB201, DCB203, DCB203BT compact batteries. Do not use adapter with premium batteries (DCB200, DCB204, DCB204BT, DCB205) in 18V Compact drills DC970, DC759. Includes: (1) 18V - 20V MAX Adapter.
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