Snow & Ice Removal

Hopkins Pivoting Snowbroom w/8" Head 54"

M8170467 Available: 32
Extra wide 8.5-inch sweeping area with tall head for snow clearing, folds flat for easy storage. Heavy duty brush for snow removal. Great for use on larger vehicles such as vans, trucks and SUVs. Colors may vary.
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SubZero All Season Windshield Screen

M8170487 Available: 39
Hopkins Subzero 17511 All Season Windshield Screen 70" x 29". Mount externally to prevent frost and ice build-up during cold weather. Keeps vehicle interiors cooler in the summer and also protects from sun damage. Universal fit and super-easy installation. Interior hooks eliminate loose ends.
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Hopkins Subzero Crossover Super-Duty Snowbroom 35"

M8170580 Available: 61
Easily clears ice and snow from your windshield. 35 inch curved pole makes scraping ice from the windshield easier. Pivoting brush sweeps and pushes snow. Built-in ice scraper breaks through thick frost and ice. With the push of a button, the pivoting brush becomes a sturdy broom.
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Ice Scraper Mitt Pink w/Fur Trim

M8170582 Available: 13
Cotton core and pink fleece for extra warmth and comfort with a quilted outer layer in vibrant pink.
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Pink Articguard Windshield Cover

M8170584 Available: 2
Hopkins Heavy-Duty Arctic Guard Windshield Cover is designed with Susan G. Komen pink. Hopkins has joined Susan G. Komen with an exclusive line of Snow and Ice Tools to help support research and ultimately find a cure for breast cancer. This windshield cover protects your interior, eliminates difficult windshield scraping and folds compact for easy storage.
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Heavy Duty Windshield Screen

M8170586 Available: 8
Keeps snow and ice off windshield and side mirrors!  Eliminates difficult scraping.  Adjustable straps provide a perfect fir for all vehicles.  Folds into mirror pocket for easy storage.
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21" Snow Brush w/ Brass Scraper

M8171190 Available: 46
Plastic snow brush with brass blade scraper. 21" length with a 4" brass blade. Available in red.
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Highroad Ice Slicer Ice Scraper

M8174200 Available: 1
Developed in Colorado, the Ice Master is built for unforgiving winter weather. The Ice Master clears hard ice and frost and cracks thicker ice. Ergonomically styled for comfortable use. Four blade positions allow the Ice Master to perform in the worst icy conditions. Pivoting head maintains optimum angle for ice removal. The blades lock in three different ice-scraping positions, and the ice-breaking teeth provide the fourth ice removal option. The Ice Master clears any and all ice! The brass blades are tough but nonabrasive. The 'annealed brass is also deburred to remove any sharp edges. The rounded brass blades will easily cut frost, but they will not scratch glass. The brass blades flex against the curves of your windows and windshield to provide the most effective nonabrasive scraping action. Yet, the Ice Master remains strong under cold temperature extremes.
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Snow Joe Ice Scraper

206378 Available: Not Available - Out of Stock
Snow Joe Edge Ice Scraper with 4.8" durable brass blade. Effectively cuts through frost and ice on car windows andd windshields in just one swipe. Easily scrapes through light or heavy frost or icy frozen mixes without leaving a scratch.
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Schumacher Heat/Fan 12V 150W

8391906 Available: Not Available - Out of Stock
12 Volt, 150 Watt. Defrosts and defogs windows in seconds. Comfortable warmth in less than two minutes. Fan and heater switch. Adjustable mounting bracket.
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Hopkins My Pink Snow Broom 28"-45"

M8170212 Available: Out of stock
Extends from 28" - 45" for increased reach. Contour foam grip provides ultimate comfort.
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Hopkins Subzero Traction Mat

M8170475 Available: Out of stock
Provides extra traction when you are stuck. Works on snow, ice, mud or sand. If you have ever gotten stuck you know what a sinking feeling that is. These are a must have for winter driving,  Great to outfit employee vehicles or for anyone that gets stuck with no one to help push! Elimainates shoveling and pushing. Easy to use and easy to store. Unbreakable.
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