Gas Cans & Funnels

Spill Saver Radiator Funnel

8098378 Available: 6
Radiator Funnel
    * Locks in most radiators
    * Wide opening for quick pouring
    * No-mess splash guard

Spill Saver Multi-Purpose Funnel

8098386 Available: 27
Multi Purpose Funnel
    * Exclusive no-mess splash guard
    * Extended filler neck opens gas tank trap door
    * Fits all sizes of filler tubes

Giant Quick Fill Funnel

8098394 Available: 19
Giant Funnel
    * Splash guard protexts against fuel spills
    * Ideal for large jobs
    * Easy Grip Guard Makes Pouring Safe and Easy
    * Snap-in Screen Included
    * Use for Marine, Tractor, and Trucks

Tube with Siphon Pump 6FT

8135238 Available: 4
ShopCraft 36668 6' Tube Siphon Pump
6', Tube Siphon Pump, For Gas & All Types Of Liquids, Blister Card Package.

Plastic Funnel 1/2PT

8294167 Available: 10
High density polyethylene,SIZE 1/2 Pint,COLOR Assorted

Plastic Funnel 1PT

8294175 Available: 13
High density polyethylene,SIZE Pint,COLOR Blue

Plastic Funnel 2QT

8294183 Available: 1
High density polyethylene,SIZE 2 Quart,COLOR Red

Primer Bulb 5/16"

8339244 Available: 4
Seachoice Products 20121 Primer Bulb
UV, alcohol, and ozone resistant. Double check valve. Stainless steel clamps. Made in U.S.A. No. 20121: Fits fuel hose 5 16'' I.D.

Oil Drain Pan 10QT

8366486 Available: 4
Molded hand grips make carrying & pouring easy,Screen helps to save plugs from getting lost,Allows for oil filter drainage,SIZE 10 Quart

Scepter Maxflow Siphon/Pump & Can

156218 Available: Out of stock
Maxflo Siphon/Pump Combo, Comes With A 5 Gallon Fuel Gas Can, Use With All Gas Engines & Has A Flow Rate Of 2 Gallons Per Minute, Equal To Current Fuel Can Spouts, Will Work As Both A Pump & Also A Siphon & Comes With A 36' Hose, EPA & CARB Approved, For Easy Clean Fuel Transfer.

Midwest Spillproof Spout Can

7310170 Available: Out of stock
Replacement Spill Proof Fuel Can Spout, Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel Containers Fits Model #s 1200, 2300, 2600, 5600, 7600, 8600, 5800

Wirthco Flexible Spout Funnel

M8202210 Available: Not Available - Out of Stock
-Fits gallon, quart, and most pint containers
-Handles a variety of applications including automotive/RV, household, lawn/garden, marine, arms, industrial and more
-One finger flow control - just bend to stop fluid flow
-Recycle and reuse - convert fluid containers into your own custom funnels -Manufactured of thermoplastic elastomer