Stove & Fireplace Maintenance

Rutland Ready-Mixed Refractory Mortar

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Ready-mixed, fiber-reinforced, high temperature silicate mortar for setting, coating or resurfacing firebrick. Use extensively as the mortar between firebricks when building fireplace fireboxes. High-heat sealant for masonry-to-masonry joints under 1/4" thick. Requires heat to cure. Withstands 2000-degrees fahrenheit. Passes ASTM E136 and E72. Asbestos-free. One gallon covers approximately 45 firebricks that are 4-1/2" x 9".
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Stove/Fireplace Gasket Rope 5/16"

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Graphite-impregnated stove gasket on spools
Resist abrasion, creosote adhesion and resist high temperatures up to 1,000 deg. F
Braided to resist unwinding
Used as original equipment by major stove manufacturers as well as replacement gaskets
Use along with one of Rutland's gasket cements for proper installation
SIZE: 5/16" x 200 Ft.
DESC: Rope
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Stove/Fireplace Window Gasket 11/16"

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Gasket tape designed to securely seal stove window glass in stove doors and openings
Self-adhesive tape wraps over the glass edge
No additional cement is needed
Black with graphite
SIZE: 11/16" x 80 Ft.
DESC: Spool
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Rutland 725W Fireplace Gasket 7/8"x 40'

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This set of four (4) heavy-duty steel corner brackets lets you build 2 x 4 storage racks, shelves and worktops in any convenient size.
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Imperial High Temp. Silicone Treatment 2.7oz

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A General Purpose flexible waterproof Silicone Sealant that withstands moisture, heat and vibration. Adheres to clean metal, glass, most types of wood, ceramic, painted surfaces and many plastics. Can be used for extended periods at temperatures up to 204?C (400?F) and for shorter periods as high as 232?C (450?F)
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Rutland Stove Polish Black Cast Iron

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For over 80 years William's Stove Polish has been used to bring a satin- luster, dark gray finish to any unpainted, cast iron or steel appliances. Easy to apply and buff after drying. It can also be used on wood and coal stoves, ornamental iron work, iron posts, iron kettles and grills.
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