Drafting Supplies

Alvin Pro Self Healing Cut Mat 24"x 36"

14300520 Available: 1
3 mm. Thick, extra durable, self-healing, reversible and non-glare surface Non-stick surface is impervious to abrasions and liquid spills. Hanging hole for convenient storage. Printed grid pattern includes guide lines for 45 and 60 degree angles and 0.5 in. grid lines.

Alvin Bow Compass 6"

14300580 Available: 12
Perfect for use by students or professionals, the Alvin 6" Bow Compass is an instrument of superior quality. It has a fast center wheel adjustment, and a capped spindle to prevent over-extension. The interchangeable pencil and divider parts make it extremely versatile.

Alvin Pro Drafting Dots 500ct

14300871 Available: 19
The modern replacement for drafting tape. No waste and easy to apply. 500 Dots per Box. 7/8" in Diameter.

Clearprint Vellum Roll 24"x 5yd

14301055 Available: 2
The unchanging characteristics of Clearprint Paper include ideal ink and pencil surface, permanent transparency, outstanding erasing as well as handling, reproduction and aging qualities.

Zona Stainless Steel Triangle 3"

14301105 Available: 12
Ideal for easy, accurate cutting and measuring Accurate graduations in inches and metric are acid-etched to last for years Stainless steel edge remains straight and true Resists cuts by knives and other sharp tools

Maped Circle Ruler Assorted 12"

14301600 Available: 9
Compass, ruler and circle template all in one! 12" / 30cm ruler rotates around its center point just like a compass for drawing large circles, and comes with 9 smaller circle templates built into the body.

Maped Stainless Steel Ring Binder Ruler 12"

14301605 Available: 14
Tough, flexible 12" / 30cm stainless steel ruler with built in universal ring binder holes. Comes with hang hole for storage.

Helix Plastic T-Square 12"

14301610 Available: 7
Ruler with both inch and Metric graduations. 12 inch t-square.

Helix Swing Arm Protractor 6"

14301620 Available: 6
Arm helps draw or measure accurate angles from left to right or right to left. Includes 6-Inch ruler. Shatter resistant.

Helix Plastic Locking Compass Large

14301625 Available: 13
Plastic locking safety compass. Locking feature secures circle size. Inch and metric scales.

Helix Auto Eraser

14301630 Available: 2
Battery operated professional grade eraser used for precise erasing or feathering. Packed with 10 PVC, latex and phthalate free eraser refills. Batteries not included.

Rapidesign Large Circle Template

14302330 Available: 12
Contains 45 circles, diameter size 1/16" to 2-1/4" in varying increasing increments. Size: 7-3/16" x 8-3/16" x .030.