Lighting & Heaters

Gerson Patio Light String Wirecage 10 Count

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Set the stage for late-night summer gatherings with the soft, warm glow of outdoor-safe clear globe lights. They're perfect for decks, patios or any outdoor living space. String of 10 patio lights has a lighted length of 72"
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Thermacell Patio Lantern Red

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The Thermacell Patio Shield Repeller provides mosquito repellent without the spray, scent or mess of traditional mosquito repellents. With a 15-foot area of mosquito protection, you can enjoy your patio without mosquitoes bothering you and your guests. The Patio Shield Repeller is designed with a cover and is water resistant. It is easy to use and has a stylish compact design that looks great on any deck or patio.
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Tiki Citronella Lamp Torch Oil 128oz

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Firefly UNCOMMON Citronella Tiki Torch Oil by the gallon is very economical. In-house testing showed it burned 30% longer than common tiki torch fuel producing less smoke and soot. The base fuel is odorless but there is a faint smell of Citronella which will help keep the bugs away.
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Four Seasons 10Lt Multi Color Ball Light Set

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Four Seasons Courtyard, 10 Light, Multi Nylon Ball Light Set, Purple, Red, Yellow, Green & Blue, Overall Length: 94", 22 Awg, White Cord, 3" Diameter, Nylon Lantern In Ball Shape, Lean In 24", Bulb Spacing 7", Lead Out 7", Indoor & Outdoor Use, With End Outlet, Including 4 Spare Bulbs + 1 Spare Fuse, UL Listed, Packaged In Acetate Box.
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Four Seasons 10 Light Flamingo String Light Set

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It is Four Seasons Courtyard 10 Light Pink Plastic Flamingo String Light
10 Mini Bulbs Included 94" Overall Wire Length White Cord
1 Spare Fuse Included UL Listed Clear Acetate Box
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Lamplight Cedar & Citronella Torch Fuel 64oz

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Create a Paradise in Your Backyard with TIKI Brand torch fuel - America's # 1 Torch Fuel. The citronella torch fuel is ideal for use with TIKI Brand torches, TIKI Brand FlexFuel table torches and TIKI Brand fire sculptures. Set the mood and add fun, decor, and ambience to your backyard or patio.
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Thermacell Patio Lantern

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Enjoy being mosquito-free outdoors with the MR 9L ThermaCELL Mosquito Lantern. This portable mosquito repellent is well-suited for a deck or campsite and is designed to be completely safe. There is no open flame with this outdoor ThermaCELL mosquito repellent lantern, providing you safe use around your home and family. This ThermaCell portable mosquito lantern is designed to be 98 percent effective, so you can rely on this lantern to keep your favorite areas bug free.
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Galvanized Citronella Candle Bucket

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TIKI, the brand trusted by millions, helps create a paradise in your backyard. Create a warm glow with a TIKI citronella galvanized bucket. Whether you're entertaining on the patio, by the pool, at the park or the beach, citronella buckets are perfect for every outdoor occasion.
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Clean Burn Natural Torch Fuel 32oz

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Clean Burn 99% Natural Torch Fuel. Less Smokey Mess Ideal For Tabletop Torches. Dimension  4.16 x 2.5 x 8.7 in. Item Weight 1.83 lbs.
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Trendspot Tabletop Torch 6 in. Crackle Gray

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Trendspot  Stone  Crackle Gray  6 in. H Me. Material: Stone. Color: Crackle Gray. Height: 6 in. Product Type: TabletopTorch. Design: Mediterranean. Use with torch fuel or lamp oil (not included)
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Citronella Gel Fuel 2hr/4.75oz

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Pacific Decor has come up with a great alternative to replace the pourable liquid fuel gel that can no longer be sold and is under recall by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This fuel gel product is a Single Use FuelCan, and ends the danger of refilling while still lighted.

This contains citronella, a bug deterrent to discourage the pesky critters, including mosquitoes (use only outdoors). This isopropyl alchohol fuel gel is also formulated to burn cooler with mesmerizing, crackling, robust dancing yellow flames, reproducing the ambience the liquid gel created when burned, without the potential refill problem.

Just drop one of the gel cans into your firepot's fuel gel cup light it up and enjoy hours of dancing flames. When it finally burns up, let it cool, dispose of the empty metal can, replace with a new can and you're ready to go again!

Can size is 3.2: by 2.2", and fits inside the fuel cup of NAPA Firelites, Pacific Decor FlamePots, and most firepots with "standard" sized cup/burner, including the Bird Brain "standard" sized firepots. This will not fit the smaller Bird Brain firepots.

As always, with ANY type of fuel, read and heed product label warnings and directions for SAFE and efficient use of the product.
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Square Solar Lantern Gold

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Evergreen Enterprises - Collapsible Square Solar Fabric Lantern Gold Solar, Sheer Pearlized Fabric uses white LED Lights and AAA Rechargeable Batteries (not included), Hanging Lantern.
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