Pack Rat

M1043557 Available: 1
Even if you find the real thing creepy, this roly-poly Rat puppet will win you over. With soft fur, expressive eyes and a little twitchy nose and tail, he can be shy or bold, cautious or curious. With his detachable "Pack" he can collect to his heart's content.
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Sea Turtle Puppet

M1043558 Available: 3
An ancient marine creature, the SEA TURTLE puppet is beautifully rendered with patterned shell, scaly-looking body fabric and suede cloth underbelly. Her wise eyes and movable mouth tell the story of her ancestors as her front flippers propel her to the depths of the sea and your heart.
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Red Fox Puppet

M59179 Available: 2
This sly little trickster has been featured in folklore from Europe, North America and Japan. In a standing position with foxy good looks, this vulpine charmer will brighten your day! Red Fox puppet measures 17 inches long.
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Elephant Puppet

M59191 Available: 1
This ELEPHANT STAGE PUPPET is one armful of fun with unique fabrics and a fun, movable trunk.
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Baby Dragon Puppet

M59193 Available: 2
Sitting on his rump tail curled and reaching for Mom he may look harmless but watch out! This BABY DRAGON puppet is a fierce creature in training. Animate his arms and mouth and he ll light fires in your heart. Fashioned in scaly textured fabric with satiny wings.
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Hermit Crab Puppet

M59199 Available: 2
Feeling crabby? This brilliantly colored Crab puppet can cheer you up in a pinch! With his bright orange body and soft patterned shell, he'll sidle blithely into your heart. Slip your hand inside his underside to wiggle legs and pincers.
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Rabbit In Hat Puppet

M60639 Available: 2
The magician wearing this well-traveled top hat has a few tricks up his sleeve! When you poke your hand up through the velvet hat, out pops a fluffy white bunny waving his paws and twitching his nose.
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Ferret Puppet

M91475 Available: 1
Ferret fans will love this beautiful slinky and butter-soft FERRET puppet! Slip your hand through the opening in his chest to work his mouth and let him weasel a smile out of you. Additional rear pocket for extra wriggling!
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Screech Owl Puppet

M95647 Available: 1
Feathery tan and grey plush mimic the soft, silent feathers of the SCREECH OWL puppet so realistically that they almost camouflage this woodland creature. With the hidden rod, turn his head to fix his watchful eyes on you!
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Melissa & Doug Farm Friends Hand Puppets

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Four soft hand-puppets in a farm theme. Sized to fit children and most adults. Soft stuffed-plush heads encourage cuddles. Washable fabric. Great for motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, self-confidence, and parent-child bonding.
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Chameleon Puppet

15150148 Available: Out of stock
Eye-catching and fly-catching! Our shimmery green Chameleon puppet has no need to hide. True to life eyes can be moved independently while its lightning fast tongue darts forth to nab prey. Hand enters from underneath.
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Baby Raccoon Puppet

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This little masked critter would rather snuggle in your arms than steal food! With a bit of encouragement, you'll have it acting as curious as only a raccoon can be.
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