Minesweep Light Up Ball

M1021368 Available: 21
These 2.5-inch diameter rubber balls have studs on them that make them look like Mine Sweepers. These hollow balls are great bouncers and they have flashing lights inside them. Activate the lights by bouncing or hitting the balls against a hard surface! Comes in a set of three colors: purple, blue, and green. Batteries are inaccessible and nonreplaceable. For ages 3 and up.
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Toysmith Deluxe Kendama

M1069883 Available: 7
The Kendama, a traditional Japanese toy, is played by young and old. Sharpen hand-eye coordination as you juggle the ball between the cup and spike.
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Toysmith Hand Buzzer

M1069885 Available: 4
This metal prank buzzer measures 1.5" across
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Toysmith Smiley Sqeesh Ball

M1069886 Available: 1
Turn that frown upside down, These 2.25" Sqeesh balls will make you smile!
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Water Rocket Toy

M2184817 Available: 4
Explore the the power of the Rockets with our Water Rocket Science Set. Our yellow rocket includes instructions and a power pump to launch the neat rocket. You blast off with the power of water and pressure. At this price, get several and have a Space Race. Totally fun way to learn about rockets! A great stocking stuffer.
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Toysmith Snap Pops

M71439 Available: 54
Have a blast with these Party Favors. They make a loud pop sound when you throw them on the ground and flash in the dark. Even though they make a loud noise, they're completely safe. You get six 50 count party snaps per pack, so several children can enjoy them.
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Bird Call

M73061 Available: 15
Experience the joy of birdwatching with the Toysmith Birdcall. Operate this easy-to-use bird call to call all sorts of birds into view at the park or in your own backyard. Even kids can attract birds with this simple birdwatching tool. To use, just hold the wood part in one hand and the brass part in the other. Twist the two parts together similar to the way you would turn a key in a lock. The squeaking sound produced attracts the curiosity and attention of many different species of birds. An included small tube of powdered rosin helps keep the bird call dry when not in use. Made of real brass and wood, this quality call is built to last for years of bird-viewing fun. This real avian-friendly whistle is not a toy.
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Toysmith Guardian Knights

M73857 Available: 9
Guardian Knights play set by Toysmith. Includes 36 plastic medieval knights to create your own castle defense league. Figures come in 2 colors and stand up to 1-7/8 inches tall (48mm) . Nice unpainted quality figures with good detail and no flashing. Recommended for children ages 5 and up.
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Zip Shot Twin Pack

M91827 Available: 7
Have some lighthearted fun with the Disc Shooter - Zip Shot Twin Pack and get ready for an office duel. This set of two Disc Shooters allows a co-worker to join on in the action. Squeeze the trigger of the Disc Shooter to launch the soft, colorful foam discs around your office. You can team up with a fellow colleague and go after your boss (well, maybe not) or have a fair fight between you and a client when you disagree (again, probably not). Disc Shooters are perfect to play with during break time, when you can relieve your work related stress. Have some fun with this dual play launcher set, just be sure to pick your battles wisely!
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Rubber Ducky

M94185 Available: 10
Rub a dub dub in your tub with this lil rubber ducky. This little yellow guy is an all time favorite. Made out of rubber , bath time ducky features a hole on the bottom that helps him squeak when you squeeze him. A great toy that will make kids love taking a bath.
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