Vornado Flippi V6 Fan 2 Speed Bliss

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Unlike a typical fan, this stylish personal fan features Vornado-exclusive Vortex technology, which powerfully circulates the air. Its deep-pitched blade, ducted airflow, and focusing AirTensity grill projects a beam of air up to 20 feet, creating the perfect whisper-quiet breeze and eliminating hot and cold spots. Choose from 2 speed settings and the unit oscillates and flips to direct air where it's needed most. When not in use, it can fold down to conceal the fan, which not only helps keep the fan free of dust, but also adds to the unit's overall modern look. Other highlights include a high-gloss finish, a powerful electric motor, and lightweight construction at just 1.7 pounds. Great for a dorm room, office, cubical, or hotel room, the Flippi V6 carries a 3-year limited warranty. Model is made for 120 volts only.
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Vornado Tower Fan Versa Flow w/Remote

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The Vornado NGT335 Tower Circulator brings V-Flow air-circulating technology to the next level with Versa-Flow adjustable airflow. Versa-Flow allows you to create a wide span of airflow, a direct line of airflow and everything in between. The constant airflow eliminates the need for oscillation because the high volume of air is continuously moving throughout the room - creating quiet, comfortable, whole- room circulation. The NGT335 has five speeds, touch-sensitive controls, energy-saving 1-8 hour auto-off timer, easy-to-clean air inlet grill, remote control and Vornado 5-year satisfaction guarantee.
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Vornado Standing Circulator Fan Black 3spd

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Unlike an ordinary fan, a Vornado air circulator doesn't just blow air. Instead, it produces true whole-room air circulation using Vortex Technology, exclusive to Vornado. So rather than being in the breeze or out of the breeze with an ordinary fan, you get an even temperature and circulation throughout the room. The Vornado 783 Whole Room Air Circulator uses the signature energy efficient Vortex Action to powerfully move air up to 100 feet to provide quality whole room air circulation and the best comfort. In addition to being one of Vornado's most powerful circulators, the 783 can easily adjust the height from 28" to 40". Direct the airflow where you need it with the fully adjustable head. This air circulator is ideal for use in large rooms. Comes with an easy to use 3-speed control, the 783 is engineered to be simple to use and maintain. Use all year for energy savings in every season. Backed by Vornado's industry-leading 5-year warranty. Model is made for 120 volts only.
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Vornado Floor Fan 3 Speed 17" Black

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Whisper-quiet operation, superior performance moves air up to 100 ft. Adjustable stand, energy saving, circulates the air from heating and cooling systems. Removable grill 17" diameter, 0.7 amps, 84 watts, 1500 RPMs. 16" L x 17" W x 42" /27" H (Adjustable
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Stanley Pivoting Blower Fan 3 Speed

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Stanley Multi-Purpose Pivoting Utility Fan. Quiet High Velocity Power Packed with Features: Three Powerful Speeds Circuit Breaker with Re-Set Button; Rugged Easy-to-Carry Handle Comes Fully Assembled and Ready to Work; Two 120 Volt Grounded Outlets for Accessory; Use ETL Listed; Includes a Patented Fused Safety Plug; Use in Tight Spaces where Fresh Air is Essential; Work Spaces, Attics, Basements and Garages; Use In the Home to Dry Carpets Floors Furniture and Walls; Pivoting Blower Head Blasts Air where Needed.
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O2Cool Personal Fan Battery Operated 5"

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O2COOL's 5-inch portable fan is perfect for indoor or outdoor activities, use in a hot office or at school, on a picnic and especially during a power outage.
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This personal, handheld fan will keep you cool wherever you go! Its suction cup base allows it to be secured to any surface throughout the boat. The belt clip allows it to be taken ashore easily. An adjustable, tilting head allows airflow to be directed wherever it is needed. It will work continuously for 24 hours with just one "D" cell battery.
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Vornado Flippi V6 Fan Creme 2spd

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Vornado proudly introduces an innovative personal air circulator with chic style. The Flippi V6 utilizes Vornado's signature Vortex Technology to bring effective circulation to your personal space. It makes a great desk fan for the dorm room or office or for use in a kitchen or bedroom. And, when not in use, it can fold down to conceal the grill. The Flippi V6 uses a 2-speed control to provide the perfect breeze. The high-gloss sleek finish and modern design make Flippi V6 the personal circulator with personality.
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O2Cool Squeeze Misting Fan

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Squeeze Breeze Water Misting Fan, Pump Action Sprayer, 3 Colors, Over 1000 Mists, Ability To Add Ice Provides A Mist 30 Degrees Below Air Temperature, Soft Foam Blades.
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Vornado 3 Speed Fan Antique Green

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Retro active. Inspired by the classic 1945 Vornado design, this handsome fan adds a breath of fresh style & air to your space. Vortex Technology, a deep-pitched propeller & twin air cones compress air & send higher volumes of it to the furthest corners of the room.
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Dyson Air Multiplier Cool Tower Fan, Black

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To make fans work quietly, manufacturers use slow-running motors to spin the blades. This reduces noise but also reduces power, producing weak airflow. To make powerful fans, they use fast motors to spin the blades.

But fast motors create more noise. Powerful and quiet is very difficult to achieve in a conventional fan. The new Dyson Cool AM07 tower fans have been engineered to be quieter, consume less energy and have streamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence to be 60% quieter than AM02 - yet generate powerful airflow.
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Vornado Vintage VFan Creme

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Originally released in 1945, the Vornadofan challenged how a fan should look and function. With its unique combination of power, aerodynamics and style, the Vornadofan became a design icon that has inspired every Vornado air circulator since. With its metal design and authentic styling, the VFAN continues the Vornadofan legacy, using signature Vortex Action to circulate all the air in the room. The classic styling adapts perfectly to any setting and blends harmoniously with all decoration and color schemes. Made with high standards and the finest materials, the VFAN delivers unparalleled whole room air circulation - quality you've come to expect. Features include 3 speed settings, a full action pivot head for multi-directional airflow and a 5-year limited warranty from Vornado.
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