Photon II LED Multi Light Red

M2030266 Available: 9
New Photon Micro-Light II Red Personal flashlight measures 1 1/2" x 1". Black plastic construction. Push button activates light. On/off switch for hands free operation. Unbreakable ultra bright bulb is visible over one mile. Features lithium Eveready battery and keyring.
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Photon LED Personal Flashlight

M2030268 Available: 12
This powerful key-ring light provides hours of continuous light-- bright enough to follow a trail in the deep woods.
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Coast 4 Color Signal Flashlight

M2030298 Available: 1
When having white light is just not enough for you, look no further than our Quad Color TX10 Flashlight. It has our Utility Beam diffused flood in White, Red, Green, and Blue. Red is great for low light situations to prevent night blindness or reading maps, Green is also great for low light and avoiding detection from animals, while Blue can cut through fog while not producing too much nighttime glare. You can also use all of the different colors for signaling purposes.
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L.E.D. Flashlight 1930A L1

M2030537 Available: 2
Dont let the compact size of the Pelican L1 1930 LED Flashlight fool you! This mini handheld flashlight features a durable polycarbonate flashlight with a super bright LED bulb that lasts up to 130 hours. It is water, chemical, and corrosion resistant to last through all of your outdoor adventures. The L1 flashlight offers up to 130 hours of bright, clear light for each set of batteries. Each flashlight comes packed with four 1.5 volt alkaline coin cell batteries, a break away lanyard, and colored lenses for night vision use.
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Stylus Pro LED Pen Flashlight w/ Holster Black

M2030538 Available: 4
Streamlight's Stylus Pro black LED pen flashlight with holster features a super bright, high flux, 1/2 watt LED, and has a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours. It consists of a micro optical system which facilitates optimized output and run time. This flashlight is corrosion proof and has waterproof construction with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens as well as a pocket clip.
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Streamlight Nano Micro LED Flashligh

M2030539 Available: 15
Thanks to Streamlight innovations, even the smallest most compact lights are now big on power and brightness. You'll be amazed at the Nano's illumination and range. And with runtimes up to 96 hours, you'll be amazed for an extraordinarily long time! Truly tiny, the Nanolight is a weatherproof, personal flashlight featuring a 100,000 hour life LED. Includes a non-rotating snap hook for easy one handed operation when attached to a keychain. The Nano light is perfect for personal use, sports, outdoor adventures, the tool box, your key chain, purse, backpack, or for the perfect gift!
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Dorcy 3AAA 9 LED Flashlight

M2030564 Available: 1
The 41-4240 9 LED flashlight features a compact design and contains 9 super bright 5 mm LED lights. The flashlight has a tail cap push button switch for ease of use and contains rubber o-rings to protect against moisture. It's durable in construction and weather resistant. This flashlight comes complete with a convenient nylon lanyard and 3 AAA cell batteries and is available in assorted colors, red, blue, yellow, and teal.
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TerraLux Lightstar 220 Flashlight

M2030587 Available: 4
This TerraLUX Lightstar flashlight is versatile with a dual high and low mode and a durable aluminum casing. The light also comes with a heavy duty nylon holster and is water resistant, and it can run continuously for up to 3.5 hours.
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LightStar 100 LED 1AA Flashlight

M2030637 Available: 1
LightStar100 LED Flashlight has 3 light modes that is high, low and strobe. It includes wrist strap, pocket clip and nylon holster. This flashlight operates on 1 AA battery which is included and is of 100 lumens having 3 hours of run time. it has a bright white 3 watt LED flashlight.
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Streamlight Micro LED Flashlight

M2030639 Available: 8
StreamLight MicroStream LED Penlight is one of the world's brightest and most durable key-chain lights. Stream Light has built this LED flashlight with a high flux LED, with Proprietary Micro Optical Systems that have "Battery-Booster" electronics to provide a super-bright beam. The MOS is specially optimized for output and runtime, giving you a light when you need it most. The Streamlight MicroStream Pen Lights feature a powerful super-bright 1/2 watt, 30,000 hour high flux LED.
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LED 3 Way Rechargeable Flashlight

M2030656 Available: 1
Rechargeable flashlights nickel-cadmium battery 5mm led color=white Power failure feature, great for emergencies. 12 lumens, 4 hour run time, beam distance 30 meters. Fold-out plug. Never need to replace the bulb. Powered by sealed nickel cadmium battery. Carded.
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Micro-Ultraviolet LED Flashlight

M2030668 Available: 9
Micro Ultraviolet LED Flashlight
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