Poof Standard Football 9.5"

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You can play catch inside the house without fear of injury or damage with the Standard Poof Foam Football. This colorful football allows for hours of fun even in crowded areas. The plush toy has a foam exterior that is soft and safe. You can set up a game of catch in the backyard or lightly toss the Poof football around your family room. It comes in assorted styles and colors.

Specifications & Features:
Soft foam exterior to provide safe outdoor and indoor fun. Molded laces in the foam simulates the real feeling of a traditional ball. Perfect for a fast-paced game. Great for developing catching and throwing skills. Measures 9.5". Makes a great gift.
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Poof Standard Soccerball

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How to win over timid younger players sitting on the sidelines Poof Balls feature a spongy foam core so students afraid of being hit can play without fear of injury and build their athletic skills Moisture resistant durable outer skin makes these balls suitable for restricted areas indoors or out Designed to be easy for kids to kick dribble pass and more Colors vary These Poof Balls can help get everyone in the game. Ages - 5,6,7,8,9. Weight - 0.586. Depth - 7.50. Width - 7.50.
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Hockey Tape 1"x 30yd White

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Jaybird & Mais 299 Hockey Tape is a multi-purpose hockey tape manufactured using first quality woven cloth fabrics. It is coated with an aggressive rubber adhesive system which bonds well to socks, pads and hockey sticks. #299 tapes are hand tearable, and boast excellent tensile strength. Jaybird & Mais Hockey Tape is recommended for all styles of hockey sticks, including composites. Can also be used as novelty item or for decoration. Everyone has their own color preference - some players think black tape on the blade of the stick hides the puck better while some think white tape is for skilled stick handlers because they can see the puck better on their stick.
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