Helle Mandra Knife

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In order to perfect the design of this newest Helle knife, we travelled to the raw, remote and overwhelmingly beautiful country of Romania working alongside Les Stroud on his latest Survivorman episodes.
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Helle Viking Knife

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The blade is rather thick and made of laminated carbon steel. The black finish of the heat treatment is left on the sides for rustic look. The tang of the blade is peened over a diamond shaped washer. The handle is subtly shaped for comfort and control with a variety of grips. It comes with the traditional sheath that hangs from a thong.
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Helle Eggen Knife

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It is a stout hunting knife with a drop point blade of triple laminated stainless steel. The substantial curly birch handle is shaped to form a finger guard. It is gives a solid feel in the hand and is comfortable for both medium and large hands.
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Swiss Army Explorer Knife

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The Explorer Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox is packed with 16 functions - from magnifying glass to Phillips screwdriver, providing you with everything you need to take things apart, take a closer look, and piece them back together. Make this iconic, Swiss-made multi-tool by the makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife your companion for life.
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Outdoor Edge 6 Piece Game Processing Kit

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The lightweight, 6-piece field-to-freezer game processing set complete with a full-tang caping knife, gut-hook skinner, boning knife, two-stage fine ceramic/coarse carbide sharpener, game cleaning gloves and hard-side carry case.

Caper: Blade Length 2.5"; Blade Thickness .075"; Overall Length 8.13"
Gut Hook Skinner: Blade Length 3.9"; Blade Thickness .084"; Overall Length 8.5"
Boning: Blade Length 5"; Blade Thickness .070"; Overall Length 9.5"
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Spyderco Para Military 2

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Why change something if it works?  Because, at Spyderco, we practice the principle of C.Q.I. - Constant Quality Improvement.  If we can refine and improve the ergonomics or cutting performance of an established model, we do it.

Our 2010 Para Military 2 has several changes over the classic version.  The G-10 handle is narrowed at the end improving the ergonomics. The handle and blade have been profile thinner; removing uncomfortable angles when in the closed position.  It features a Compression Lock and an ambidextrous-friendly four way clip which carries tip-up/tip-down, left/right-hand and rests deeper in a pocket.  We kept the same high-performance CPM S30V full flat-ground blade but we've also lengthened the blade's tip and added additional surface jimping to both the spine and finger choil.  Implementation of a new Bushing Pivot System generates fluid action and more consistent manufacturing tolerances.  Larger lanyard gives more options for carry.

Refinements to overall construction may not be drastic or even visible to the eye but from the G-10 textured handle to the CPM S30V steel full flat blade, everything is sharper, smoother and guaranteed to provide performance and user comfort.

Made in Golden, Colorado U.S.A.
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Spyderco Lil' Native

122706 Available: 2
The iconic Native has been a mainstay of Spyderco's American-made product line for decades. Now all the highly evolved performance features of this incredibly popular design have been distilled into a compact gentlemen0s folder with a 2.5-inch blade. Its full-flat-ground CPM S30V stainless steel blade includes a prominent index-finger choil that flows seamlessly into the contours of the textured G-10 handle scales. The result is a compact, ergonomic package that still offers a full, four-fingered grip and excellent control. This version of the Lil0 Native goes a step further by adding our high-strength Compression Lock mechanism and a low-profile deep-pocket wire clip that is reversible for left or right-side tip-up carry.
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Gerber Airlift Knife Silver

122774 Available: 21
RUGGED. SLIM. SECURE. A smart combination of two best-selling designs, the Airlift offers the durable steel frame of the Paraframe with the streamlined blade and handle design of the RipStop. The result is an everyday carry knife that is light in the pocket yet extremely resilient in use.
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Gerber Paralite Knife Rose

122775 Available: 3
RUGGED. SLIM. SECURE. An everyday carry knife should be durable and easy to operate in a pinch the Paralite does just that. With an all steel construction and a robust modern drop point blade, this slim knife fits into your pocket yet is extremely strong. Dual thumbstuds grant easy access to the blade and the frame lock makes it simple to close with one hand.
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Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Black

122776 Available: 8
We can think of about 600 reasons why this much-applauded multi-tool belongs on your belt. But don't worry, we'll just stick to the most important ones here. Like profound versatility, for example. And failsafe performance. And a level of rock-solid design and construction that pleases the eye and satisfies the soul.

It all begins with high quality stainless steel. Then we incorporated Gerber's patented one-handed opening pliers. Of the 6 models available, three feature the standard needlenose plier and the other three have our bluntnose configuration.

You'd be hard pressed to find a more rugged or more fearless multi-tool out there. But go ahead and look around a bit. See what you think. Then come on back to Gerber and pick the Multi-Plier 600 that truly suits your needs. We're building plenty.
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Gerber Kettlebell Knife Sage

122777 Available: 15
The Gerber Kettlebell folder offers a smaller profile knife for your everyday carry. Big enough to tackle any job you have, the slimmer look to this knife takes up less room in your pocket. Add to this an attractive Sage Green handle and you have your new pocket knife - ready to go.
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Gerber Flatiron Cleaver Grey

122778 Available: 15
The Gerber Flatiron puts a quality cutting edge in your hand combined with the sturdiness of a cleaver. The folding cleaver is the next big thing in the knife industry and this is Gerber's entry. The large 3.8-inch blade provides plenty of cutting power. The framelock makes sure that your knife stays locked open when you are using it. On top of all of this you have a the look of a G-10 scale on the handle
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