Circut Alert Non-Contact Voltage Tester

3251121 Available: 3
Indicates the presence of AC voltage 50-600 V,Visual & audible indicators signal voltage ,Built-in "safe test" feature assures -,batteries are operating properly,Compact design - fits in shirt pocket,Operates on (1) AAA battery (included),Tests outlets, switches, circuit breaker panels,,wiring and light fixtures
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Crimping Pliers 8"

3258597 Available: 3
Crimp insulated or non-insulated terminals,Cuts copper and aluminum wire,Tapered nose for cutting in tight locations,SIZE 8"
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Continuity Tester

3260429 Available: 2
Tests for continuity in non-energized circuits,36" insulated test lead with alligator clip,Indicator bulb lights if continuity exists,Requires (2) AAA batteries included,Has pocket clip for added convenience,Tests: extension cords, fuses, switches, -,water heater coils & unenergized low -,voltage wiring
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7 Function Digital Multi Meter

3260452 Available: 3
7-function - 7 range digital multimeter,Tests AC voltage to 500 volt,Tests DC voltage to 600 volt,Plus continuity (audible), temperature probe-,from -40 to 1832 deg. F, battery testing, -,diode and resistance (20 meg) testing,Auto ranging - easy to read display,Includes batteries, test leads & instructions
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GB Insulated Screwdriver Set

3260486 Available: 2
Insulated screwdriver set,Contains 1 each #2 Phillips tip plus -,3/16" slotted tip
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Low Volt Twin Clip Tester

3260585 Available: 2
Test AC/DC voltage from 5-50 V AC/DC, 50-60 Hz,Indicator glows when voltage is present,Brightens as voltage increases,Insulated alligator clip test leads,Pocket clip for added convenience,Dual insulated, durable ABS housing,Tests: low volt outdoor lighting, low volt -,control panels, doorbells, alarms and auto
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Electrical Outlet Tester

3260619 Available: Out of stock
Test standard receptacles for proper wiring,Neon indicators give positive circuit status,Plugs into standard 3-wire grounded receptacle,Tests for open ground, open neutral, open hot,-,hot/ground reverse, hot/neutral reverse-,and correct wiring,Yellow & red indicator lights indicate circuit-,status or specifies wiring errors
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Gardner Bender Charging Clips

3268976 Available: 4
50A, Battery Charging Clips, Designed Specifically For Battery & Testing Equipment Applications.
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Electrical Usage Monitor P4400

3285723 Available: 2
The  Kill A Watt EZ energy meter and electricity cost calculator will tell you the operating cost of any household appliance, in the same measurement units that your utility company charges you (kilowatt/hour), and in REAL cost per day, week, month, or year.
    * Shows the operating costs of your household appliances
    * Accurate within 0.2%
    * Large LCD Display
    * Calculates cost and forecasts by week, month and year
    * Built-in battery backup
    * Displays eight critical units of measure
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Gardner Bender 12ft Fish Sticks 3x4ft

3293289 Available: 2
Fish Ease fish stick has 3 durable interlocking fiberglass rods that extend up to 12'. 1 4'' diameter ensures rigidity when extended. 2 different threading tips provide for a variety of applications.
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Gardner Bender Copper Battery Clip 10amp

3426210 Available: 3
2 Pack 10 Amp Copper Clad Battery Clip, One With Red Insulated Grips, One With Black Insulated Grips
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LKG Philmore Test Lead Banana Plugs

M5350014 Available: 1
Test leads with banana plugs , sold as a pair
Plastic test prod handles, 4" long, 3/8" diameter, with prods 1" long. Red and Black. Equipped with 48" kinkless plastic-covered leads
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