Wire Connectors

Zip Cord Staple Black 3/16"

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For metallic and non-metallic cording and cable. Constructed of high-grade injection molded polyethylene cradles and zinc-plated nails. Provides toughness, high dielectric strength and longevity. Smooth saddles hold wire securely while preventing damage.
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Scotchkote Electrical Coating 15oz

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Fast-drying coating provides extra protection to splices where moisture, oil and corrosive conditions can cause problems. Helps prevent cable and connector damage due to corrosive vapors from battery outgassing.
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3 Wire Push-In Connector

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Suitable for wide range of-,of solid wire combinations (22-12 AWG),No twisting required,Fast, easy installation,Stainless steel springs enable secure-,corrosion resistant connections,10 connectors per card,SIZE 3-Port
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8 Wire Push-In Connector

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Easy and fast, strip and push conductors into connectors to make reliable, secure connections. Simplified insertion and compact size helps in tight locations. Clear polycarbonate housings have color-coded side panels for connection verification and identification. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel springs restrict wire pullout, yet corrections are possible with a simple left-right twist and pull. Continuity test point for easy voltage checks. Rated at 600 volt maximum in building wire and at 1000 volt maximum in lighting fixtures and luminaries. Copper-to-copper connections only.
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