Levels & Measuring Tools

Flex Stainless Steel Ruler 12"

26325 Available: 2
Brand Name: General Tools
*Length: 12 in.
*Width: 1/2 in.
*Material: Stainless Steel
*Product Type: Precision Rule
*Packaging Type: Carded
*Ideal for precise measuring
*Utlra-fine black graduations
*5R graduations
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Pencil Compass Divider & Scriber

26329 Available: 7
The Precision Pencil Compass is a robust scribing and marking tool with a jaw capacity of up to 9 .  The fulcrum spring handle makes this tool great for making contours, circles and edge marks.  A carpenter s favorite.
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Steel Tradesman Square 16"x24"

27095 Available: 6
Permanently stamped numbers and 1/8" graduations. Durable protective epoxy finish to prevent rust; 1/16" thick.
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Diameter Engineer Measuring Tape 1/4"x10FT

2000842 Available: 15
Yellow blades,Blade lock,Uses drop in replacement blade cartridge,Graduated in 16ths,Carded,SIZE 1/4"x 10 Ft.
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Deep-Scanning Stud Finder with SpotLite Pointing System

2007466 Available: 4
Find studs-joists-ceiling beams up to 1.5" deep. Projects a beam of light onto surface when it detects edge of stud. Also provides audio signal & LED display. Scans through non-metallic wall surfaces. Finds stud center to within 1/8" on normal mode. On deep scan mode, it can find stud center 1-1/2" deep & within 3/16" accuracy. Carded
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Stanley Fat Max Level 24 in.

2012383 Available: 3
The 24 In. FatMax Xtreme Box Beam Level has a unique design which makes this level five times stronger than any other Stanley level. Rare earth magnets that are twice as strong as basic strip magnets are built into the level for stability and increased accuracy. Machine ground for precision accuracy, you can be sure you're projects are balanced and even.
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Stanley Fat Max Level 48 in.

2012391 Available: 2
Features 2 block vials on each end to provide maximum accuracy. A center MaxEdge  vial enables users to scribe continuous lines with an improved view. Dual bi-material hand grips for comfort. Two shock absorbent end caps and non-marring side bumpers for durability.
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Medium Carpenter Pencil 7"

2020089 Available: 39
The world's best known carpenter pencil,Flat pencil lays down a long lasting, smooth, -,rich black mark,Red pencils with black stripe are easy to see  -,and easy to sharpen,PMA Certified non-toxic,12 pencils per sleeve pack,SIZE 7",DESC Medium
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Powerlock Tape Measure 35FT

2064004 Available: 2
Top selling Powerlock tape rules w/yellow blades,Blades coated with DuPont Mylar(R) film,Heat treated spring for longer life,Rivets in blade ends prolong blade life,Positive blade lock,Carded,SIZE 1"x 35 Ft.
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LeverLock Tape Measure 12FT

2064020 Available: 15
Power return tape rule with auto. bottom lock,High visibility yellow case,Tru-Zero hook allows for use as pivot,Polymer coated for long life,Heat-treated spring for longer life,Belt clip is fastened on back of case,SIZE 1/2" x 12 Ft.
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OneStep Stud & AC Sensor

2093425 Available: 2
Quickly and easily locates the edges and center of wood and metal studs and joists behind walls, floors, and ceilings. CenterVision technology finds the center of studs in a single pass. Its easy-to-read display screen indicates directions, edges and center of studs, while WireWarning detection indicates the presence of live AC voltage up to 2 inches (51mm) deep. Used in applications such as hanging heavy cabinets, pictures, mirrors, and shelves securely, ceiling fans, grab bars, and chandeliers, drapery rods and closet organizers; Install outlets, dimmer switches, and cable lines. Patented SpotLite Pointing System and audio tone signals when the stud center is reached. ACT (Auto Correcting Technology) automatically corrects common user err
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Magnetic Super Torpedo Level Aluminum 10 "

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Heavy duty, die cast frame with V-groove and high strength magnets. Big, bright easy to read vials; vials will never fog, leak or require adjustment. Level accuracy guaranteed for life.
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