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Stokes Select Stokes Large Hopper Feeder

124147 Available: 2
Large hopper feeder with suet holders. Holds over 6 quarts of seed and two suet cakes. Seed diverter and drainage holes help keep seed fresh. Large perching area provides space for multiple birds to feed and watch others. Built-in socket to mount to Stokes bird feeder pole. Rooftop design helps to keep seed dry from rain or snow. Made of 100 percent recycled materials.
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Woodlink Sunflower Stake Bird Feeder

128239 Available: 1
Woodlink Sunflower Stake is bright yellow sunflower atop a green metal stake inviting birds to your yard.The wide metal mesh cage holds up to 1/2lb. of sunflower seed, peanuts or cracked corn. Wide metal mesh encourages clinging. Looks great in a grouping of three.
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Woodlink Coppertop Hopper Bird Feeder

128244 Available: 2
The Woodlink coppertop feeder is decorative and functional and is a beautiful addition to any backyard or garden! it features 7/8" kiln-dried, natural inland cedar, zinc chromate screws, anodized hinges and a 12 oz. Copper roof. Proudly made in the USA.
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Woodlink Coppertop Mini Screen Feeder

128245 Available: 7
Clinging birds will love the Woodlink Brushed Copper Mini Sunflower Screen Feeder. The all steel construction with beautiful copper accents is built to last. Fill with up to 1/2 lb. pound of black oil sunflower seeds, safflower seed, peanuts or cracked corn. The  1/4 " spacing of the steel mesh provides a sturdy structure and offers plenty of room for smaller birds to cling and dine. It is easy to fill and clean this feeder by sliding the metal roof up the included hanger . Feeder attracts cardinals, flickers, goldfinches, grosbeaks, jays, juncos, nuthatches, redpolls, sparrows, starlings, titmice, wrens, and many others.
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Woodlink Glass Water Feeder 32 oz

128246 Available: 4
360 perch view LARGE capacity 32 oz. Provides clean drinking water for wild birds.
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Woodlink Cedar Bottom Suet Feeder

128249 Available: 4
Woodlink Cedar Bottom Suet Feeder is a superb combination of environmentally friendly beauty and practical use that adds to any bird feeding sanctuary. Birds are invited to cling to the black vinyl-coated 1" square fencing on the underside of the feeder. Simply lift one side of the feeder roof to place a single standard suet cake. Holds 2 suet cakes. (Suet not included) . Keep the Starlings away! Upside down suet feeders attract Woodpeckers, Chickadees, and Nuthatches but dissuade Starlings who cannot cling in this manner. Made in the USA
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Woodlink Tourchiere Hummingbird Feeder

128251 Available: 2
Capacity 8 oz. nectar. Embossed design on bottle with 4 feeding ports. Floral design tops the base. Four flower-shaped feeding ports designed to attract more hummingbirds.
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Woodlink Copper Finish Nyjer Feeder

128252 Available: 4
Wood link feeder holds thistle or up to 3 lbs. of mixed seed to attract the widest variety of smaller songbirds. The four looped perches are removable to deter larger birds. The hopper mesh screening is a durable powder coated steel, and feeder is ready to fill and hang. Attracts Goldfinches, Finches, Nuthatches, Redpolls, Siskins and Juncos.
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Woodlink Plastic Hummingbird Feeder

128253 Available: 4
Woodlink's 12-ounce hummingbird feeder features six nectar ports and perches. This feeder has a built in ant guard, just add water. The feeder is dishwasher safe and is easy to clean and fill. Hangs with an included removable rod. Holds 12-ounce of nectar. Nectar sold separately. Recommended for use with art line Hummingbird Nectar.
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Perky Pet Daisy Vase Waterer

129690 Available: 3
The brushed nickel base features a circular wrap around perch so birds can comfortably sit and drink from anywhere they choose. With a 18 oz. capacity, you will have plenty of room for bird visitors stopping by for a drink. Use the attached metal hanger to place your waterer near your other bird feeders so birds can easily locate the fresh water source. The base and waterer create a tight vacuum seal so the necessary amount of water will be dispersed to keep the tray consistently full with clean water. Filling and cleaning are simple with the convenient wide mouth opening.
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Perky Pet Starglow Humming Bird Feeder

129691 Available: 2
This traditional glass hummingbird feeder combines elegance and functionality to attract hummingbirds to your porch, backyard or garden. The gorgeous clear luster finish glass design is stunning and works as an accent piece or compliments modern chic outdoor decor. It features include a wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning, four feeding ports for optimal nectar access and a 16 oz nectar capacity to keep your hummingbirds well fed.
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Perky Pet Tin Jay Bird Feeder

129694 Available: 2
The Perky-Pet Tin Jay wood feeder has a thin, full-length window for monitoring the seed levels. The six perches and 2 lb seed capacity assures there will be plenty of birds to watch.
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