Gas Cans & Funnels

Wirthco Double Capped Funnel 1pt

M8202204 Available: 20
Caps eliminate spills & contaminates. Clean fluids help prevent mechanical damage.

Wirthco Double Capped Funnel 1.25qt

M8202206 Available: 45
Caps eliminate spills & contaminates. Clean fluids help prevent mechanical damage.


M8202212 Available: 7
-Protects against spills and drips into the engine compartment or work area -Clips directly onto the neck of the container
-Made of chemically resistant co-polymer polypropylene
-Measures 2-1/2 inches in length by 2 inches wide with an outer diameter of 7/8 inches

Wirthco Folding Funnel 12oz

M8202214 Available: 3
-Save storage space
-Chemically resistant
-Great for RV, kitchen, craft projects or anywhere space is limited
-Has a 4-3/4 inch top inner diameter and an overall height of 5-1/4 inches -Spout is 3/4 inch in length and has an outer diameter of 9/16 inch

Wirthco Guzzler Swivel Spout 3qt

M8202216 Available: 3
-Pivoting spout for easy fluid handling
-Made from polyethylene
-Top inner diameter of 7-1/2 inches
-Overall length of 12 inches
-Spout is 5/8 inch in diameter and is 4-7/16 inch long

Wirthco Funnel w/Splash Ring Spout

M8202218 Available: 38
1 quart funnel with 15" flexible spout.

Funnel King Prop'R Measure Container

M8202280 Available: 6
End the measuring mess today with The Prop's Measure Tip and Measure Container from Funnel King. This patented 2-in-1 measuring and storage container makes it easy to accurately measure, pour, and store oil, weed killers, insecticides, additives, and more. The translucent, heavy-duty, polyethylene container properly measures 1 to 6 oz. before pouring and features a large 16 oz. storage capacity, so remaining mixtures can be safely stored away for future use.

Utility Funnel with Screen

M8320103 Available: 3
All-purpose fluid dispenser, works well for transmission fluid. Galvanized steel, includes strainer screen and 12" flexible metal extension with tapered tip for hard to reach spots. 17-1/2" overall length.

BG Small Funnel

M8320415 Available: 9
A reusable and purpose made BG Funnel that clips onto the BG cans making pouring much easier.

Tin Funnel 1/2PT

M8320820 Available: 1
All-purpose tin funnel,SIZE 5 Oz.,SISE 3.5"H/Wx4.5"D
1/2 Pint

Behrens 52 Heavy Duty Funnel 2qt

M8320821 Available: 2
-2 quart capacity
-Includes removable screen
-Will not crack or fade like plastic
-Rust/Fire/Heat Resistant
-Made in USA

Tin Funnel 1QT

M8320835 Available: 2
Pieced ic tin.
Fluted spout, close nesting.
Size - 1 quart.