Drafting Supplies

Helix Swing Arm Protractor 6"

14301620 Available: 13
Arm helps draw or measure accurate angles from left to right or right to left. Includes 6-Inch ruler. Shatter resistant.

Helix Plastic Locking Compass Large

14301625 Available: 16
Plastic locking safety compass. Locking feature secures circle size. Inch and metric scales.

Helix Auto Eraser

14301630 Available: 2
Battery operated professional grade eraser used for precise erasing or feathering. Packed with 10 PVC, latex and phthalate free eraser refills. Batteries not included.

Alvin Rapidesign General Purpose Template

14302315 Available: 2
Contains many useful symbols, including circles, squares, hexagons, triangles and rectangles.

Rapidesign Large Circle Template

14302330 Available: 11
Contains 45 circles, diameter size 1/16" to 2-1/4" in varying increasing increments. Size: 7-3/16" x 8-3/16" x .030.

Rapidesign Master General Purpose Template

14302340 Available: 2
Contains most useful symbols: circles, squares, hexagons, triangles; three sizes and two styles of brackets; two North arrows; two sizes of arrowheads; 30*, 45*, 60* and 90* triangles; includes a 3" protractor. Useful inch scale on bottom edge. Size: 10-1/4" x 5-1/2" x .030".

Rapidesign Metric Pocket Pal Template

14302355 Available: 11
Rapidesign Metric Pocket Pal Template includes the most commonly-used sizes of circles, hexagons, triangles and squares. Template features 100mm scale. Size - 5-1/2" X 3-1/2". Thickness .030

Rapidesign Circles Template XL

14302400 Available: 5
Circle template by Rapidesign. Contains 13 extra large circles. Circle diameters range from 1-1/4 inch to 3-1/2 inch

Landscape Drafting Template

14302430 Available: 4
Designed for the needs of landscape architects, this inking and drafting template features common shapes and enclosures for landscape layouts and scaled drawings. Shapes include trees and shrubs, brick patterns, flagstone walks and patios, fences, hedges, and stepping stones.The template is 8 1/8 in. x 5 3/4 in. with a thickness of .03 in. Scale is 1/4 in. = 1 ft.

Alvin Protractor Ruler 6"

14302510 Available: 5
Combination protractor/scale/ruler for fast preliminary layouts.
Graduations designed for civil engineers, surveyors, and general use.

Westcott Flexible Ruler 6"

14302520 Available: 24
Transparent ruler. 16ths to the inch markings on one edge and millimeters numbered in centimeters on the opposite edge. Great for the office, school or home.

Rhodia Graph Pad Orange 3"x 4"

14305000 Available: 3
People love Rhodia pads and notebooks for their grids, smooth paper & iconic cover.  80 g acid-free, pH neutral paper. Extra white paper, exceptionally smooth satin finish. Pale violet lines.  Microperforated on top for easy and clean removal.  Reinforced staples for extra strength.  Cover is scored to neatly fold back - Top bound.  Stiff back cover makes writing or sketching easy and portable.  80 sheets.