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Four Seasons 10 Light Paper Ball String Lights White

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Light your indoor spaces with the Room Essentials 3" White Paper Lantern String Lights. These lights create a soft glow and are perfect for special occasions or for everyday use. There are 10 paper lanterns in this string and will light a 7.5' section. They connect end to end and can be used with multiple lighting sets.
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Four Seasons 10 Light Multi Color Swirl Set

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Room Essentials marble string lights will beautifully light up your porch, gazebo, patio or garden. This set has 10 jewel-tone lights dangling from a 12' long cord. These outdoor string lights glow in bright red, green, purple, orange, yellow and blue to make your outdoor space ready for party time. This marble light string has a convenient on/off switch for easy use.
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Citronella Wax Buckets 17oz 3pk

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17 oz, citronella wax buckets, old world market assorted colors, paprika with lattice pattern, macedonia blue & warm gray, burns 72 hours.
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BlissLights Outdoor Laser Lights Blue

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Imagine 1000's of pinpoints of light within minutes! Create a unique lighting experience indoors and outdoors. That is the magic that comes from a BlissLights Spright!
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BlissLights Outdoor Laser Lights Green

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The BlissLight Spright Compact Green landscape laser projector/firefly light with transformer provides a truly unique approach to landscape lighting. Turn your well landscaped front yard into a night time oasis within 5 minutes with this Low Voltage, weather resistant, easy to install light. A single BlissLight Spright can create thousands of pin points of laser light on your lawn, trees, bushes, pool, or house. Use a Spright to create fairies in your trees during the summer, create an original Holiday display in the winter or keep them up to enjoy them all year round. This BlissLight projector/firefly light with transformer comes ready to plug into any standard US 110-Volt outlet. Click on 'more views' under the product image to see possible applications for the BlissLight Spright Compact.
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BlissLights Outdoor Laser Lights Red

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The BlissLights Spright is our most popular product. This unique lighting experience projects thousands of static pin-points of light that is perfect for a "fire fly" effect in your garden or creating a truly unique holiday display that will amaze you and your neighbors.

The BlissLights Spright Red with its softer, more subtle red starry-glow of light is perfect for indoor use to transform the mood of any room or simply to create a touch of bliss anywhere you need outdoors. Let your imagination make you into an instant lighting designer with our color options. Use only one color or combine the colors to create the effect you wish.
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Tiki Citro Glass Hurricane Candle 9oz

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Citronella candles glass assortment old world market size 9 ounces For your backyard or patio. Enticing natural flame TIKI brand wax candles. Glass vessel with opaque design creates a luminary effect. Burns for up to 50 hours. For outdoor use only. Assorted colors: paprika, Macedonia blue and warm gray.
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Four Seasons Spiral Lights Clear 10 Light Set

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Four Seasons Courtyard, 10 Light, Spiral Light Set, PS50 Clear Glass Bulb With Wire Spiral Cover, Low Lead Brown Cord, White Bulbs, 24" Lead Cord, 8" Bulb Spacing, 6" Tail Cord, UL Listed, PVC Box.
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Four Seasons 10 Light Rattan Light Set

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Four seasons courtyard, 10 light, rattan light set, clear bulb with 2.75 rattan ball, low lead brown cord, 24 lead cord, 8 bulb spacing, 6 tail cord, ul listed.
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Clay Chimenea Striped Red

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Originating in Mexico in the 17th century, the original chimineas were used to bake bread.  As with the originals, modern chimineas are handmade from raw, wet clay,  giving each chiminea its own personality.  They are actually made from two pieces... the chimney or "stack" made separately from the wood chamber or "base".  After a short period of air drying, they are joined together to make a seemingly seamless fireplace!

The formed chiminea is allowed to air dry for a few more days and then is baked in a 900+  degree kiln.  Allowing enough drying time as important since chimineas placed into the kiln while too wet will invariably crack. After thorough cooling, the outside is painted to give a rustic-looking, almost antique appearance.  (Personally, I like the antique weathered look... then I don't have to be on "pins n' needles" waiting for that first inevitable blemish!)

Chimineas range in size from table top stoves used as candle holders to multi-hundred pound behemoths that can be used for cooking or as striking architectural accents in yards and patios.  The assortment of styles is amazing, ranging from the plain and conservative to truly ornate clay work.
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JOI Tea Light Candles 27pk

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A JOI Premium Tea Light is customized for maximum performance in the JOI Lamp.  The high quality wick minimizes soot and creates optimum heat for consistent LED lighting throughout the burn time.  Each individual pack comes with 27 tea lights. That's over 100 hours of full LED lighting when used with your JOI Lamp!
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Cast Iron Owl Tealight Holder

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Let wisdom shine. Tea light holder is made from cast iron the shape of a stylish and wise owl. Vintage-inspired design adds on-trend charm to any room. Use with any standard tea light candle (not included).
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