Downspout Coupler

A203DC Available:
Connects two lengths of downspout.
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Drain Away Downspout Extender

DADE Available:
Green, Flexible, Automatic Downspout. Extender fits all standard downspouts. Takes water away from foundation. Installs easily, without the use of any tools. Unrolls automatically when it rains, and automatically rolls back when it's dry.
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High Density Foam Tape 17'

HDFT17 Available:
Closed cell polyvinyl chloride foam. Self-sticking weatherproof foam tape. Eliminates air and moisture leaks. Rolls are 17 feet in length.
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Low Density Foam Tape 17'

LDFT02 Available:
A self-sticking resilient open-cell tape. It compresses flat to form a tight seal. 17 foot length
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Gutter Spike Smooth EB 8"

M1120152 Available: 1,326
8" length - 6 gauge x 7/16" diameter,6 gauge steel, round shank, diamond point, flat head. Available in Hot Dip Galvanizing or -,electro galvanized.
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 Genoflex Universal Downspout Extension 55"

M1120505 Available: 9
Bendable - flexible - expandable extensions,Fits all 2" x 3" or 3" x 4" downspouts,Extends in length up to 55". Connects to PVC sewer, drain, and corrugated pipe. Diverts water away from foundation to help prevent erosion. Installs without tools. COLOR Green
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Rubber Flexx Sealant Leak Stop 18oz

M1120925 Available: 26
Gardner, 18 OZ, Leak Stopper Aerosol Rubber Flexx Sealant, Stops Leaks, Seals & Protects, Easy Spray Application, Use On Roofs, Chimneys, Skylights, Gutters & Pipes.
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Frost King V76 Shrink Film Door Kit 84"x110" Clear

M1340383 Available: 1
84" x 110", Indoor Shrink Window Kit, For Patio Doors Or Large Windows, Kit Features A Crystal Clear Plastic Sheet That Shrinks Tight & Wrinkle Free With An Ordinary Hand Held Hairdryer, Easily Installed On Metal, Painted Or Varnished Wood Or Vinyl Clad Frames With The Double Face Tape Provided.
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Home & Auto Sponge Rubber Foam Tape 3/8"X10FT

M1840290 Available: 5
Use on doors, windows, transoms, boats -,and autos,Replaces gaskets on boats, RV's & cars,Cushions against shock & vibrations,Closed cell foam,Self adhesive,SIZE 1/4"x3/8"x10 Ft.,COLOR Black
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Camper Weatherstrip 3/16"x1-1/4"x30' Black

M1840315 Available: 5
Super firm closed cell sponge rubber tape,Install between truck box and camper top,Cushions against shock & vibrations,Self adhesive,30 Ft. Roll,SIZE 3/16"x 1-1/4",COLOR Black
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Double Draft Stop 36" Brown

M1841431 Available: 9
Adjusts to fit any door or window. Stays with the door as it opens. Glides over all types of floors. Keeps heating and cooling inside. Keeps out fumes & noise. Machine washable. Attach the foam tubes with the included collars. Cut the tubes (if necessary) to fit your door/window. Slide the tubes in the cover and put in place.
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DraftDodger Draft Stop Cloth Seal Beige 3FT

M1841444 Available: 25
Draft- Dodger Door and Window Insulator
    * The ultimate insulator for drafty doors and windows
    * Helps lower energy bills!
    * 3 feet long
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