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Avenir Bike Inner Tube 20"x1.75"

M2203478 Available: 8
Individually boxed. LL designates tubes w/ new Low Lead content valve, complying w/ 2009 CPSIA standards for tubes 24" and smaller.
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Avenir Bicycle Tube w/Presta Valve

M2203499 Available: 36
XLC Tubes, XLC offers tubes in highest quality for all application areas available for presta or schrader valve 26", 29" and 700C.
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SKS Dirtboard X-TRA 3 Dry Seat

M2203544 Available: 7
SKS 5284-300 X-Tra Dry Rear Bicycle Fender (Black)
The X-Tra Dry MTB rear fender is the top selling quick-release dirt-board. This extremely lightweight fender is made of shock-resistant high performance plastic.
The X-Tra Dry features easy quick-release fastening by power-strap and will work for all seat posts.
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Bike Handlebar Road Grip Set

M2203553 Available: 3
Four foam handlebar grips specifically designed for road-style (racing-style, drop) bicycle handlebars. Extra-plush foam padding. Added comfort for any road bike. 4-piece kit with 2 handlebar end plugs. Photo for illustration only. All four grips are 8-1/2" long.
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Shockboard Front Bike Fender

M2203662 Available: 2
SKS 5283-30000 Shockboard Front Bicycle Fender (Black)
This ultra light snap-on MTB dirt-board is compatible with almost any suspension for.
The shock board is extremely light and almost unbreakable.
There is an adapter available for Head shock and rigid forks.
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Third Eye 04 On-Lens Micro Bicycle Mirror

M2205018 Available: 1
Sticks right onto your glasses. Small and unobtrusive, stays out of the way.
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Nite Ize RideLit LED Bike Light Red

M2205047 Available: 1
Cyclists who ride at night or early in the morning know how crucial visibility is to their safety. Our RideLit was designed to clearly and effectively tell your fellow commuters not only where you are, but also which direction you're heading. Its bright L.E.D. can be seen for up to a mile away, and can be set to either steady glow or flash modes. The elastic strap is adjustable and removable, so you can wear, hang, or attach it wherever you like. The RideLit is available in red and white: two colors that universally signify front and rear. Strap a white RideLit on one ankle facing forward, a red RideLit on the other facing to the rear, and at a glance, everyone around you will know whether you're coming or going.(We've also included a hook and loop adhesive strip that connects to the RideLit's back, for optional semi-permanent placement on the front or back of your bike.) Powered by two long-lasting Lithium batteries, (included), the RideLit also comes with an extra set of replacement batteries. Package includes RideLit LED Light and adhesive hook & loop for attachment to front or rear of bicycle. Adjustable, removable strap with quick release buckle for hanging or wearing. Parabolic lens creates a flood beam that illuminated a 4 foot area. Glow & Flash Modes: Run Time Glow Mode: 20 hours. Run Time Flash Mode: 25 hours. Features two easily replaceable batteries (2x 3v 2016 lithium batteries) - an extra set of batteries is also included! Weather resistant. Simple push-button on/off operation.
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Bike Rim Strips 26" x 20mm

M2205085 Available: 3
New design offers secure, snug fit to rim. New coating resist "creeping" on the rim. Will not dimple into spoke holes, even at high pressure.
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Planet Bike Mini Versair Pump

M2205111 Available: 2
The Versair features a State of the art design that allows for standard hand-held pumping in poor ground conditions or upright pumping to maximize power.

Specifications & Features:
Dual action handles high-volume ATB or high-pressure road tires- even over 100 psi. Pressure rated to 200 psi. Aluminum inner barrel with see-through outer barrel for super smooth pumping. T-handle and Ergo base lever for comfort, stability and power. Hide-away extending reach hose with twisting lock head, adapts to fit Presta or Shrader valves. Includes bracket with Velcro strap. Rebuildable.
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Planet Bike Beamer Combo Lights

M28520 Available: 7
Planet Bike Beamer-1 Headlight and Taillight Sets are long running light sets with super bright LED's. LED beam headlight along with BRT-3, 3 LED taillights, batteries included. New beam puts light where you need it. Up to 100 hours of run time on 2 AA batteries (included). LED beam headlight along with BRT-3, three LED taillights. Batteries included.
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Planet Bike Blinky 3 Rear Light

M45975 Available: 4
Be seen and ride safely with an extremely visible 3-LED tail light at an affordable price.

Specifications & Features:
3-LEDs with an enhanced output parabolic reflector. Visible up to 2000 feet. Single switch for power, steady and flash modes. Up to 200 hours of burn time. Takes three AAA batteries (included). Compact, sturdy and weather-proof. Easily mounts to seatpost or frame.
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NiteIze TwistLit LED Bike Light White

M59093 Available: 5
With a quick turn of the wrist the Nite Ize TwistLit attaches to nearly anything on wheels, making you easier to see in every kind of light. Featuring a long-lasting LED module encased in specially formed housings, the TwistLit has a unique curved back that rests snugly against the round surfaces on your bike or scooter. Grooves on each side hold sturdy, flexible rubber Gear Ties in place with ends to wrap through, over, around, or under the front and rear of bicycle handle bars, seat posts or racks of nearly any size. Twist closed, and youre done. The bright, long-lasting, battery-powered LED is activated with a simple push of a button. Endlessly versatile, secure, and easy to reposition, the TwistLit is perfect for bikes, scooters and jogging strollers as well.
Specifications & Features:
Available with either Red or White LED (Buy both and use them together!). Glow and Flash Modes. Weather resistant. Battery Life: 20 hours Glow 25 Hours Flash Batterys: 2x CR2016 Lithium (Included and Easily Replaced) Tool free! Attach and Detach with ease! Includes two 7" Gear Ties to easily grip to nearly any bike surface. Gear Tie Technology: Tough rubber shell provides excellent grip anywhere on your bicycle, but wont scratch or mark. Strong internal wire that holds its shape. Quick and easy to securely attach and detach. UV resistant - will not be damaged by extended sun exposure. Weight: 1 oz. Dimensions: 7" x 2.5" x 1".
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